We Review the Latest Episode of Life in Pieces SN02 EP4- ‘Colleen Returns, Hughes the Boss, Take me to the Pilot, Lark’s First Birthday’

Story One: Colleen Returns

Matt and Colleen go to return a jacket that he didn’t buy there. Matt doesn’t like to do anything that could get him into trouble, and this is certainly not kosher. He finds out soon that getting deals on things causes her to be turned on. They make a  lot of love and soon she finds out she missed her period. He goes to buy a pregnancy test, and she finds out she isn’t pregnant which is good for the both of them at least right now. He does end up telling her that she should keep it as like the 500 condoms he bought, he also bought the pregnancy test at the dollar store.

Story Two: Hughes, the Boss

Heather is telling Tim’s business at the office, and he isn’t all too happy about. He really does not enjoy having her saying things like that and wants to fire her. Tim wants to fire her but can’t do it and ends up promoting her to office manager. He then goes to his HR person and asks her to fire Heather for them. At dinner which was to be used to make her feel better, Heather decides to quit. She soon gets a call from the HR person and is severely offended that he went ahead and got her fired. She leaves him at the restaurant, and he runs outside after her.

Story Three: Take me to the Pilot

Tim and Heather’s youngest daughter has to do a report on Amelia Earhart and doesn’t have the best idea about flying. Heather asks her father to take her flying, and he accepts. They go out on a flight and at first she is terrified, but she soon calms down. They soon lose energy, and the plane begins to fall from the sky. He calls for help and then gets them ice cream. She thinks it was all an act but is thankful as she is kay with flying now. He goes behind the truck and throws up because there really was a problem.

Story Four: Lark’s First Birthday

It’s Lark’s first birthday, and it just seems sad to have no one at her party. They soon call in all of the family. As it is last minute, everyone tries to find decent gifts but can’t really do it. There is terrible music from Tim and Heather’s son, and John invites a woman from the golf course to be a princess for Lark. While not memorable for the right reasons no one will forget this birthday.

Joan gives Lark whiskey to relax her, and she ends up passing out. They take pictures ala Weekend at Bernie’s, and it is rather humorous.

Life in Pieces continues to be a show worth watching. I really do love the vignette style as it is easy to take a break if you need to. The characters are strong, and it is very easy to care for them, which in some shows is actually quite hard to have happen.

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