We Review the Latest Episode of Hawaii Five-0 SN7 EP3 – ‘New Player’

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Things get personal for behavioural specialist Alicia Brown (Claire Forlani), as she wakes up to find a dead body in her bed.  Turns out the chess piece killer knows she is helping the 5-0 and was sending a message, and a pretty horrid one at that. Now that Brown is part of the killer’s game she is certainly invested in the case. While the 5-0 investigates another case, Brown conducts her own investigation into the death of a cop investigating the killer. His death was ruled a suicide but after Brown sneakily gets his body resumed under Steve’s name, it is confirmed his death was murder.

Elsewhere, Chin (Daniel Dae Kim) tells Sara that she is being adopted by her aunt and uncle in Mexico, and so won’t get to stay with him. Obviously Sara is very upset, but there is nothing Chin can do.

(From Left) Grace Park as Kono, Kanya Sesser as Rosey Valera, and Taylor Wily as Kamekona.

Meanwhile, Kono (Grace Park) bails her old surfing rival, Rosey Valera (Kanya Sesser) out of jail. Since they last saw each other, Rosey joined the army, but drove over an IED in Iraq and lost her legs. After the two catch-up, Kono senses something is going on and finds she is homeless. Rosey has too much pride and so rejects Kono’s help, so instead Kono gives her the opportunity to surf again.

Although the case itself this week wasn’t the most engaging, it did lead to some great scenes. I particularly loved the scene where they were chasing the suspect and Steve (Alex O’Loughlin) chases him down many floors, but Danny (Scott Caan) just takes the lift and beats Steve to it.

Another great scene this week was the classic fake interrogation, they did the whole good cop, bad cop routine, with Danny telling the suspect that things get messy and the drain gets clogged when Steve gets involved.

Also, we can’t not mention that scene, where during the exchange, the bag full of money turned out to be Kono, and she took all those guys down. Awesome!

Further, there were great interactions between Jerry (Jorge Garcia) and Steve and Danny, I just love there banter.

Alicia Brown (Claire Forlani), and Steve McGarrett (Alex 0’Loughlin) waiting in Madison Grey’s office.

During the closing moments, Brown and Steve visit the murdered cop’s therapist, Madison Grey (Elizabeth Röhm) for insight. While they are waiting for her they find the history of medieval chess book on her shelf. Does this mean Madison Grey is the chess piece killer?

What was your favourite moment from this weeks episode? Comment and let us know.

The Good
  • We got some great interactions and moments this episode.
  • Getting closer to catching the chess piece killer.
The Bad
  • Was slow at parts.
  • Struggled to engage in the case this week.
3.5 Good

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