We Review the Latest Episode of Hawaii Five-0 SN07 EP02 – ‘For Queen and Country’

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The 5-0 recruits a behavioural specialist to help them catch the chess piece killer, oh and they save the world, no big deal.

Following the end of last week’s episode, where a chess piece was left in Steve’s kitchen revealing the person behind the chess piece killings is still out there. This episode began with Steve (Alex O’Loughlin) and Danny (Scott Caan) attempting to get retired FBI profiler, Alicia Brown (Claire Forlani) to help them catch the chess piece killer. She initially refuses to help, but after Steve purposely leaves the chess piece with her, she is drawn in and finally agrees to help.

When a man manages to steal diamonds from a billionaire and the girl he used to steal them ends up dead, 5-0 are on the case. Things get complicated when the thief turns out to be a rogue MI6 agent, Harry Langford (Chris Vance). When they manage to track him down a fight ensures. Steve puts up one hell of a fight, but going up against an MI6 agent is no easy feat. We don’t get to see who would win as Danny comes to the rescue holding Langford at gun point.

Back at HQ, Steve and Danny interrogate Langford where he reveals he is in fact still an active MI6 agent and being ‘rouge’ is just his cover. After confirming what he said is true, they assist him in tracking down the person responsible for a bombing an embassy in Madrid, El Hamadi. He is planning another attack, this time a cyberattack using a key called the Graystone.

(From Left) Harry Langford (Chris Vance) and Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin)


They track the Graystone to Prague where the plan is already set in motion. They have taken control of nuclear power plants all across Europe and the meltdown could cause effects of catastrophic proportion. We are talking 10 times worse than Chernobyl, but of course Steve, Danny and Langford manage to stop the attack in time.

In a not so surprising twist, Langford sneaks away with the Graystone. Langford uses the Graystone to set a meeting with El Hamadi but Steve and Danny hinder his plans. Langford reveals his wife died in the Madrid bombings and wants revenge. They let him assist in the raid on the facility El Hamadi is at. After talking Langford down from killing him, Steve is forced to shoot El Hamadi himself.

The episode ended with Steve, Danny and Langford being given a medal from the Queen for their heroic actions.

For me this episode was pretty entertaining, I especially liked the interactions between Langford and the team, hopefully he returns in the future. However, the ending ruined the episode for me, it just seemed super cheesy, unnecessary and a bit ridiculous. I would have much preferred a funny scene where Steve and Danny discuss how much they deserve a medal from the Queen.

Will Alicia Brown be able to help the 5-0 catch the chess-piece killer? Did you like the James Bond feel of the episode? What did you think of the closing moments? Comment and let us know.

The Good
  • Overall, an entertaining episode, I especially like the throwback to prior seasons as they hung the suspect over the ledge of a building.
The Bad
  • That ending.
3 Fair

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