We Review the Latest Episode of Grimm SN06 EP02 – ‘Trust Me Knot’

The cops are in full force and they are close to Nick. It is rather troubling to see Nick forced into hiding like this. Monroe freaks out and tells the group that Rosalie is pregnant. He would certainly be the one to do that.

Hank and Wu arrest Renard for the murder of his political assistant. Clearly he is not going to take kindly to being locked away. Amidst this Nick gives himself up. As they search him a cop pulls out the magic stick and it blasts them back. Certainly not something normal humans should try to touch it seems.

Nick dresses up as one of the cops and they steal a truck. Renard being brought in is a satisfying scene as he really has become such a cad. Hank and Wu talk to Renard about his time the night before and he half shows his true form as usual.

Of course Renard is tough to crack he is the police chief after all. Renard calls Adalind to ask her to bail him out. Renard does have people on the inside and Hank and Wu are troubled by what he could do.

Nick and his friends travel to the loft in the secret passage Monroe and Rosalie found. Eve asks for the cloth that the magic stick is wrapped in but Nick is against it. Even if she isn’t Juliet Nick does still care for Eve.

Adalind asks Rosalie to watch her kids and she agrees. It is nice to see that Adalind is truly good now.It’s night time, and Renard is calling his political ally so he can get out of jail in a flash. He finds that there is a gun in his cell which makes him remember his killing of an ally of Nick’s.

Eve tells Nick he shouldn’t always carry the Stick around once again and Nick rebuffs her. He trusts the power of the stick and he won’t let it go.  He really is such a stubborn man but that is a good thing.

Adalind brings the kids over and Monroe entertains Diana. Her power is certainly something to behold since she is so young. Monroe is a little wary of Diana as she is quite precocious and could seriously cause problems.

Nick does actually lock the stick away, which is a little surprising. He certainly wants to do right by his friends but this stick is something special and it needs to be in the right hands.

Diana makes the spices fly around the room and Monroe calls Rosalie to see it. Eve and Trubel come in and soon leave Monroe alone with Diana. After seeing her skill it makes sense that Monroe is freaked out about being alone with Diana. I certainly wouldn’t be jazzed to be with such an interesting magical force.

I’m glad that Adalind won’t let herself go to jail for Renard. Nick soon finds Hank and Wu walking towards him in the tunnel. He calls Adalind to ask for help and she tells him he will need a Trust me Knot. Hank and Wu go to get Renard to bring him to Nick.Using the Trust me Knot they will craft a blood oath between Nick and Renard. If either breaks the oath they will die.

Eve, Trubel, and Rosalie are working on the cloth. Adalind goes back to retrieve her kids. The solution they are using isn’t working but Diana comes down and is able to see all. This kid is one impressive hexenbiest.

Trubel gets a call from her bosses and says she is having in four hours. She says Nick needs to go with her as the gang works to figure out what Diana saw.Nick decides not to go with Trubel as Hank calls to tell him Renard is up for trial. Of course the judge is best friends with Renard. He quickly throws it out and let’s Renard go.

Renard is such a smug man. He tells Hank and Wu that he expects their resignations. Renard is one crafty demon, walking away scot-free. He is still after Nick and Nick is clearly going to have to take him down.

A solid episode that continues setting Renard up as the big bad of the final season. I cannot wait for Nick to take him down. Keep checking back in Pipe Culture Pipe Bomb for your daily Pop Culture Explosion!

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