We Review the Latest Episode of Grimm SN06 EP01 – ‘Fugitive’

After last season’s finale and the massacre in Nick’s loft everything has been shaken up. Renard, Nick’s boss isn’t too happy with him. Rosalie, Monroe, Hank, and Wu are trying to get out of the underground tunnels and can’t find an exit.Eve and Trubel are waiting and Trubel decides to go see Nick. Eve won’t have it and wants to go save him. Something happens that stops her movements. As the gang heads back to Nick he appears. They are shocked that so many baddies are dead.

Renard goes to see Adalind to tell her what happened. Renard killed one of his confidants and he has no idea that their daughter did it. Though they do both realize eventually that she would be the only one who could do it. Diana is certainly someone not to be trifled with and she is so young. Can’t even imagine her becoming evil, she could wipe out everyone with a thought.

Eve wants to know how Nick healed her and he tells her of the magic healing stick. Monroe humorously tries to explain what happened quickly even though it is a long story.The gang works to clean up the bodies. They really do have their work cut out for them. Renard summons someone to assist in bringing in Nick. Renard is not pulling out any stops in his take down of a man he once called a friend.

Adalind calls Nick asking him to see her. As Monroe and Eve work to take a body away, but the Wesen takes over and tries to pull Eve to hell. They end up saving her which is good as Eve is certainly one of the best characters. I thought that hell looked rather cool in this show, certainly a less is more situation.

Renard is working to clean out his own office so he really is in the warpath. Renard gets a call from one of his superiors and blames Nick for the death of Bonaparte. Renard can’t tell the truth of course as he is the one who offed that terrible man.

Nick and Adalind talk and he assures her he will take down Renard. Eve and Trubel arrive at the loft and talk about the magic stick. They head out soon after Hank updates them.Monroe and Rosalie talk and Monroe voices concern about raising a family in Portland. He has always had a strong vibe about him. Glad to see he is already ready for parenthood. Cops soon come barging in m, searching for Nick.

Eve sees symbols on the shroud that usually covers the stick. Trubel can’t see them so clearly they are important. Nick decides to stay at his friend Buddy’s house and is of course welcome. They soon call all of the others to talk about what to do next.

Eve tells Nick about what she saw and suggests he not carry the stick all the time. Hank is brought to a hotel where the dead body of Renard’s campaign manager is found.Renard and his goons soon surround the shop. Eve attempts to help but can’t activate her powers. Looks like things are really going to go down.

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