We Review The Latest Episode of Gotham:Heroes Rise SN03 EP15- ‘How The Riddler Got His Name’

Gotham is back with the first episode of the second half of Season 3 Heroes Rise! This is episode is sure to be good with the creation The Riddler.

This episode begins with Nygma(Cory Michael Smith) cornering a professor in his lab. He asks the professor to solve a riddle and when he fails, he loses his mind.  We find that he has gone after the geniuses of Gotham in search of someone to complete him.

Bruce’s Clone (David Mazouz)  has been trained to be him, and has really come into his role. Jim’s  uncle Frank(James Remar) is coming to see him as per the Court of Owl’s request. Nygma takes a drug and sees his old friend Penguin(Robin Lord Taylor) in a drug induced state.

Nygma decides he is going to choose Jim Gordon(Ben Mckenzie) as his Archenemy. Harvey(Donal Logue) and Lucius(Chris Chalk) are looking for the killer of so many. Lucius solves the riddle that Nygma sends immediately, and heads to the location. At the chess tournament where he waits for Jim, Nygma takes another pill to bring Penguin back to him again.  Penguin as a manifestation of his psyche knows all he knows.  He sees Lucius and figures out what happened loving that he has may have found someone to face.

Jim and his uncle Frank talk and he tells him he wants to make things right. Meanwhile, Bruce(David Mazouz) begins knife throwing training, had to learn how throw a Batarang sooner or later. Bruce is clearly missing Selina(Camren Bicondova), and Alfred(Sean Pertwee) gives him a note from her. Bruce won’t have any of it after she left him for so long.

Lucius figures out the next clue and soon calls Nygma, who after this will introduce the Riddler to Gotham. Meanwhile, Frank tells Jim about the dark and conniving Court of Owls. He tells Jim he wants to become a member. Lucius and Harvey are working to figure out the next riddle and get even closer to solving it.

Alfred persuades Bruce to go to see Selina. Good to see him at least attempting to patch things up. Still not able to find Nygma Lucius continues thinking.

Nygma is ready to become the Riddler, and Penguin won’t let him go. He even sings an odd song trying to bring him to his senses.  As Lucius learns Harvey is the next target Nygma goes to see him and kidnap him.

Bruce goes to see Selina who runs off annoyed with him. Bruce is beset upon by her thuggish friends and takes them down without a second thought. It is good to see him coming into his own.

Nygma gases the police cadets and through his words Lucius figures out who the killer is. Nygma is going to give Lucius three riddles and if he fails, Harvey and the cadets die, with one right he wins too. Lucius figures out Nygma killed Penguin just before he solves the last riddle. Saving Harvey, Riddler leaves before they can catch him. In an alley, Bruce meets his clone and is drugged in the process, because his reason for being made is to be Bruce.

Jim and Frank are talking and Frank is winning him over as a double agent. Frank tells him the Court killed his father, and this upsets Jim immensely. Jim doesn’t have much faith in this man, and is right not to. Bruce’s clone goes to see Alfred who isn’t so trusting after his earlier talk with the real Bruce.  The Riddler is on the loose and soon traps Lucius, the game is truly afoot. This is all a game to Nygma who finally tells Lucius why he is doing this.

Lucius tries to persuade him, that he needs help. Nygma rebuffs him and tells him he is The Riddler before knocking him out. Nygma stands at the pier where he killed Penguin and says one final goodbye. Donning his trademark hat, The Riddler is coming to take down Gotham. Elsewhere, Penguin wakes up at Poison Ivy’s(Maggie Geha) house as she saved him and has been taking care of him. Penguin wants nothing more then to get his revenge. Looks like the Riddler better watch his back.

Frank has left Jim to return to the Court. He is going to bring him to their side. Bruce wakes up in a cell and is greeted by the sight of snowy mountains. Looks like he will be meeting Ra’s Al Ghul soon. Next week’s episode ‘These Delicate and Dark Obsessions‘ is sure to be a great one.

The Good
  • This episode was a truly amazing introduction to the Riddler. Seeing Penguin alive and under the care of Ivy was a shock. The ending was also amazing, and I truly cannot wait to see what happens next.
The Bad
  • Penguin's song was a little odd. Bruce and Selina didn't patch things up.
4.8 Superb

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