We Review the Latest Episode of Gotham: Mad City SN03 EP14 – ‘The Gentle Art of Making Enemies’


The Winter Finale of Gotham is here, and boy was it a doozy. Jerome (Cameron Monaghan) has plunged the city into darkness and had his sights on Bruce (David Mazouz). He heads to the mansion and quickly takes Bruce leaving Alfred to face a few of his lunatic gang members. Alfred takes them out rather quickly and calls Gordon (Ben McKenzie). Along with Bullock (Donal Logue), they head to the carnival that Jerome has taken over.


Bruce meanwhile is trapped with the eyes of the wicked clowns on him. They want him dead, and Jerome will happily oblige, but he wants to do it right. Knowing he loves to perform Bruce calls him out. If this really is our Joker, he certainly does have the power of entertaining on his side, his flair for humour is perfect. Bruce, once he is let go runs into a hall of mirrors and Jerome dashes in after him. Bruce has been steadily growing into what makes Bruce Wayne Batman, and this scene is the last step to him really settling on what he needs to do. He soon takes down Jerome and punches him in the face repeatedly causing the stitches to come undone.

Jerome & Bruce Wayne


As Bruce runs away, Jerome saunters out, and his face falls off. Bullock wants to shoot him dead, but Gordon won’t have any of it. Bruce is certainly shaken by this whole event and talks to Alfred (Sean Pertwee) about what happened after he presses him. Bruce tells him he almost killed Jerome, but something inside told him not to. Alfred prouder than anyone could be, tells him, that he should always keep this in mind and Bruce agrees.

As Penguin’s (Robin Lord Taylor) body falls into the river, it looks like a new king of Gotham is born or at least the Riddler (Cory Michael Smith)is coming to make the city his. In the second half of the season, it is clear that the Riddler is going to make his mark on Gotham. This was already known due to interviews with Cory Michael Smith detailing a few aspects of what we will expect from his character.

James Gordon is also met with his dear uncle Frank who works with the shady Court of Owls. Though the biggest surprise of the episode is that Bruce’s doppelgänger is working for the Court of Owls. It is assured that the second half of the season is going to bring on the crazy even more especially with the Riddler coming loose and the ever looming threat of Jerome escaping Arkham. Will Penguin be resurrected, or is he actually still alive, he has been integral to the show so if he is dead it will shake up the entire paradigm. This was certainly an excellent episode of Gotham and a great Winter Finale.

Bruce Wayne


The Good
  • Bruce is finally coming into his own, Jerome is really being set up as the Joker to Bruce's Batman. Can't wait to see what goes down with Bruce's clone and the Court of Owls. Will be good to see Bruce and his clone clash. Good to see his Batman mythos forming.
The Bad
  • Have to wait until April for more Gotham. Penguin could possibly be dead.
5 Essential

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