We Review the Latest Episode of Gotham: Mad City SN03 EP12 – ‘Ghosts’

Gotham is back after its winter break, and everything is going to hell. Gordon offed Lee’s new husband Mario, and clearly, this will lead to trouble for Jim with Carmine Falcone. Jim goes to the funeral even though he should stay far away and Harvey tells him they have to go. Falcone the mobster that he is will certainly put a hit on him.

Penguin calls Nygma who won’t answer as he heads into a meeting. Penguin gets a meeting with an important news figure named Margret Hearst who will solidify his power. Gordon finds out that there is a body that escaped the morgue and has been found dead again. Gordon goes home and finds Victor Zsasz in his kitchen with a warning that he will soon have a hit on his head.

Selina isn’t so happy that her mother has appeared so suddenly. Penguin’s guest is also not too happy with him and offers a one-time interview offer. Looks like he is in for world of trouble.Lee comes in and as acting captain wants Jim arrested. Very interesting that she would be made acting captain but of course Falcone would have been her father in law. Lee now truly believes the only virus is Jim and will clearly hate him always. Looks like the Jim and Lee ship has sailed away forever.

Penguin wakes up amidst a thunderstorm and sees the ghost of his father. Cops soon arrive to tell him his father’s grave was dug up, could it be Nygma’s doing?

Jim and Harvey go to see the runner of the Morgue to find out about dead bodies coming back to life. Bruce questions the importance of the Court of Owls statue and as they run because they hear a noise light shining on it reveals a secret. The noise turns out to be Selina’s mom, and Bruce implores her to stay.

Carmine is going to kill Jim, and even though Lee wants to, he tells her she will have to live with it. This is one of those moments where you know this isn’t going to happen as Jim Gordon lives a good long life.

Bruce talks Selina into talking to her mom by telling her this could be the last time she has the chance. Jim and Harvey follow the morgue runner to an underground facility where he is hosting an event. It turns out this event is centered around a love of Jerome, the proto-Joker of Gotham who was offed early season 2. Jim won’t have any of it and scares them off. Victor Zsasz appears and shoots at them but they are able to get away. Good to see Zsasz in action, even if it isn’t yet his horrific comic book way of doing things.

Jim runs through the kitchen of the complex from Victor Zsasz and the other criminals in his group. Jim gets the jump on him and knocks him out. Good thin Jim, as it wouldn’t have been too hard for Zsasz to hurt you in some way.

Penguin is freaking out as he continues to see his father. His father tells him that Isabella is talking about him on the other side.  Lee goes to see Barnes to talk to him about Mario.Barnes says Jim will be the first person he executes when he leaves, scaring Lee off.

Bruce, Alfred, and Selina enjoy Selina’s mother’s company and she stays the night. Taking what his dead father said Penguin digs up what he can on Nygma finding his father’s corpse in his office. Penguin executes his assistant and freaks out when he is called for a meeting.Lee runs to Falcone to call off the hit on Jim and he can tell that she does love Jim. He is upset with her, and why wouldn’t he be, its not good to have someone change their ideas at the drop of a hat.

Penguin goes to his interview and is ready for whatever she has to attack him with. Though of course he is a little rattled after his new murder.Bullock goes to see Jim to give him a nice gun when Zsasz appears. Falcone comes in soon after and tells him the job is canceled. I do find it odd that he didn’t let Zsasz kill Jim just because the woman who would have been his daughter in law told him not to.

Penguin is certainly shell-shocked after his killing but is able to answer questions rather adequately. He sees his father walk behind the interviewer with the murder weapon and freaks out even more. He runs to the office to find the body gone, and heads outside. Of course, the perpetrator of the crime is Nygma who is, in fact, working with Clayface alongside Tabitha and Babs.

Gotta love the plan Nygma has crafted; he really is one of the smartest characters on the show.

Alfred and Bruce bring Selina’s mother to a meeting. Telling the criminal about Bruce he heads to get some money from the Young Wayne.

The twisted Morgue owner and his cronies are going to get Jerome’s body. The episode ends with Jerome’s body in a sealed frozen tube. Looks like this is the beginning of Jerome’s revitalization. Wonder what his endgame will be, it has to involve Bruce in some way. Looking forward to his return in next week’s episode “Smile like you mean it”Keep checking back on Pop Culture Pipe Bomb for your daily pop culture explosion!

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