We Review the Latest Episode of Elementary SN05 EP20 – ‘The Art of Sleights and Deceptions’

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Last night on Elementary a magician was killed while performing a classic stunt triggering an investigation by Holmes and Watson.



Elementary SN05 EP20 – ‘The Art of Sleights and Deceptions’

Internal Affairs is investigating Detective Bell (Jon Micheal Hill) who allegedly pulled his weapon on a man while off duty, but it wreaks of his girlfriend’s ex-husband trying to cause issues. Watson (Lucy Liu) walks in on a woman holding a gun on Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller). She pulls the trigger and just when you are expecting to see blood Sherlock opens his mouth and has caught the bullet between his teeth. Sherlock explains he is researching the death of a magician, Claude Rysher (Ryan Oakes) who had died while performing that trick.

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Watson, Bell and Sherlock search the magician’s house and find a threatening note from another magician, Anibus (Leslie Fray). Watson looks into the man the made the complaint against Bell, and his story is quite convincing. The team learn that Anibus dated the dead magician Claude, and while she was angry at Claude she would never hurt him, but she does tell them that Claude liked to gamble and was known to cheat. Perhaps he double-crossed the wrong person?

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Sherlock manages to locate the shop where Claude was gambling illegally. The owner admits he and Claude were working together to cheat a man named Keating (Maury Ginsberg), who owed Claude a substantial amount of money. Watson goes over the man’s statement against Bell, and he believes he has been coached on what to say. Watson believes Chantal’s (Chasten Harmon) ex-husband Roy Booker (Robert Christopher Reily) is behind it. The team chat to Keating, and he tells them Claude wanted information about Turnleaf books. Claude wanted Keating to make copies of all their ledgers from 1963, and he made the copies which filled several boxes and gave them to Claude. However, the boxes weren’t found in Claude’s house when it was searched. It seems that Claude was murdered for what was in the ledgers and the murder took them before they killed Claude.

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Sherlock learns that Turnleaf books were the publisher of the bible of magic tricks. Sherlock meets Quinn Malcolm a renowned magician is obsessed with finding out who wrote the book and gives Sherlock a hard drive. Bell tracks down Chantal’s ex and asks if he is the one behind the complaint, but he quickly denies it. We all know he is behind it. Sherlock uses the information he finds on the hard drive to interview several people but alas it proves to be unhelpful. Sherlock is trying to figure out who wrote the bible himself and with the help of Watson, they realise that the author of the book was also the illustrator. They learn that killer is not trying to figure out who wrote the book. They are in fact trying to keep it who wrote it a secret.

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Sherlock, Watson and Bell interview Ballard Clifton (Jason Butler Harner) who is the owner of the company that now publishes the book. The team believe that someone in the publishing company killed Claude to keep the author’s name a secret. Clifton tells them they know who wrote the book and they have been paying his estate for years and told the team that the author is his grandfather. With that line of inquiry a dead end, no pun intended, they now turn to a new motive. Claude brought a book about Nazi Germany in an online auction, was the man who lost the auction angry enough to kill over it? They interview the man, but he denies any involvement. Bell meets Chantelle, and he tells her he is sure that Roy is behind this, but he can’t prove it.

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Sherlock studies Claude Nazi book and learns that the author of the magic bible also illustrated the Nazi book. Clifton killed Claude because he was about to tell the world that Clifton’s grandfather was a Nazi, now that’s what you call a motive! Clifton would have lost everything if that information ever saw the light of day. Watson finally finds evidence that the man who made the complaint against Bell was a neighbour of Roy several years ago. Watson and  Captain Gregson (Aidan Quinn) interview him, and he sings like a bird. They arrest Roy, and he is released pending trial, it’s finally over for Bell and Chantal, they can now get on. Bell heads to Chantal’s to tell her the good news, but he gets no answer, he calls her phone, and it rings in the apartment, and he finds her phone on the floor with blood droplets and then sees Chantal on the floor in a pool of blood. I honestly did not see that coming!

The Good
  • Just when I was starting to lose interest, Bang, they suck me right back in again. I didn't see the episode going that way at all! It's been two weeks since we have seen Elementary and they come out swinging with at episode. Bravo!
The Bad
  • We had to wait two weeks for an episode.
4.5 Superb

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