We Review the Latest Episode of Elementary SN05 EP18 – ‘Dead Man’s Tale’

In this week’s episode of Elementary, Sherlock and Watson question how well they know Shinwell, when they investigate the possibility he may have gotten away with the unsolved murder of his friend, who was a fellow gang member. You can find last week’s episode review here



Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) tells Watson (Lucy Liu) that he believes that Shinwell (Nelsan Ellis) killed Jameel. However, Watson doesn’t think for a minute that Shinwell did it, and need proof. Sherlock wants Watson to meet with Jameel’s brother and the police for an interview. A man purchases a self-storage unit and thinks he has hit the jackpot until he finds a dead body. Sherlock thinks the victim, Travis, was a thief that worked for the city and stole the merchandise from people who were recently deceased. Detective Bell (Jon Michael Hill) interviews on of Travis’s co-workers who admits Travis was taking but he had no part in it. He told them that Travis had called him the day before he disappeared and said he had hit the jackpot and won’t be coming back to work. Sherlock and Bell check the possessions of the last person who died that Travis had been working with and Sherlock believes that a captain’s log was taken from his possessions.

SN05 EP17 - The Ballad of Lady Frances

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Watson sits in for the interview with Jameel’s brother. He says he seen Shinwell walk away from the murder scene and he watched Shinwell throw the gun. Jameel’s brother retrieved the gun and planned on killing Shinwell at his brother’s funeral, but he lost his nerve. When Shinwell was released from prison, he felt he had to avenge his brother death, but he missed when he tried to shoot Shinwell. Sherlock is convinced that the captain’s log that was stolen belongs to Captian Emerson Barker, who led a double life as the pirate Black Peter. However Captian Gregson (Aidan Quinn) isn’t buying all the pirate stuff, but Sherlock believes that Travis had stumbled upon the treasure map that leads to a significant bounty. The team head to a bar where Travis had last used his credit card. They talk to a man who revealed that Travis had asked him to help find the treasure, but he turned Travis down because he already knew about the treasure, but when they got to the sunken ship it had already been cleaned out. So if they find who has the treasure chances are they will find his killer.

SN05 EP17 -The Ballad of Lady Frances

Photo: Jeff Neira/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Sherlock waits for Shinwell in his apartment. He tells Shinwell he know he killed Jameel. Sherlock tells him he wants to help, but he needs to know the truth. Shinwell denies he killed his friend and told Sherlock to leave. Captain Gregson and Watson speak to a Sudan businessman, they have satellite imagery of his yacht anchored over the sunken Spanish ship for over a week. He admits he was there and also admits he has the treasure and the captain’s log in his private collection but denies killing Travis or ever meeting him. He tells Watson and Gregson that he brought the log for $25,000 online but used screen names and encrypted emails but can give them the screen name of the person he was dealing with. Watson and Sherlock’s little protegee get lucky and trace the screen name to a man named John Managen. The police bust into his house and arrest him but quickly learn it was, in fact, his daughter who they want. She is the middle man on the dark web helping people buy and sell.

SN05 EP17 - The Ballad of Lady Frances

Photo: Jeff Neira/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

They track down a man who used to work with the salvage firm that turned Travis offer down, tells them his was on a trip when they were boarded by pirates and describes the flag that was their boat. Sherlock tracks down the company that made the flag, and it leads them to a professor. Sherlock and Bell find out from the students that the professor was the mastermind behind the pirate attack on Lars and tell them he is the one they should be looking at. The team bring him in and say the believe he had orchestrated everything to bleed his investors dry, because if he finds nothing than his investors get nothing, so he needed Sudan businessman to locate the treasure first. Sherlock is walking home when he is attacked from behind; it’s Shinwell! He kicks Sherlock repeatedly, Shinwell says SBK killed Jameel, he was part of a deal. He tells Sherlock he is going to take down SBK and anyone who gets in his way is going to get hurt. Sherlock lays battered and bleeding on the ground as Shinwell walks away.

SN05 EP18 Dead Man's Tale

Elementary airs Sunday’s at 10 pm on CBS

The Good
  • Another solid Elementary episode last night. We also seen the the dark side of Shinwell and what he is capable of, if provoked.
4.5 Superb

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