We Review the Latest Episode of Elementary SN05 EP13 – ‘Over a Barrel’


Last night’s episode of Elementary had Sherlock going up against the clock to solve a cold case before the statute of limitations run out, and innocent lives are lost. Will Sherlock beat the clock? Let’s find out. You can also read last week’s recap here: Elementary SN05 EP12 – ‘Crowned Clown, Downtown Brown’


Elementary SN05 EP13 – ‘Over a Barrel’

This week starts in the past as Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller), and Joan (Lucy Liu) are visited by Jack Brunelle (Isiah Whitlock Jr.). Who has visited the pair several times in the hopes they can help solve his son’s case who was assaulted in 2012, Connor survived, but in the process, he developed a drug addiction that later cost him his life. Brunelle wants justice for his son, but each time he approaches Sherlock and Joan for their help, but he is sent away with more urgent murder cases taking preference. In the present day, Brunelle enters a diner and pulls out a shotgun, and the waitress tells him to take whatever he wants but is not the money, Brunelle is there to get Sherlock and Joan’s attention. He wants them to solve the case, and they only have sixteen hours to do it as the statute of limitations runs out at midnight. Brunelle keeps Joan and threats Sherlock that she will die with the rest of the hostages unless he solves Conner’s case.


Sherlock and Bell (Jon Michael Hill) start to work the case after Joan’s, and the hostage’s lives are at stake. With a bit of digging they discover that Connor had dropped out of law school and was working in a warehouse as the overnight security guard, however, he hadn’t told his family of the situation. Further digging reveals that Connor was to work the night he got attacked, but his assault meant the warehouse was left unguarded. With some FBI Surveillance that shouldn’t exist, Sherlock and Bell discover a massive smuggling operation that took place the night Connor was attacked. Joan tries her best to keep the situation at the diner calm and attempts to make small talk with Brunelle, but he it’s interested in talking. Joan’s observation’s tell her he is not going to kill anyone, he doest has enough ammunition with him to shoot 20 people and mentions that to him. Brunelle says she is right. However, he does have enough to kill one person, the guy he pistol whipped earlier is the detective that initially handled Conners case, he is the only one Brunelle is planning to shoot. Sherlock and Bell tracked down what was smuggled the night Connor was assaulted, along with the manager, Frank Trimble (Shuler Hensley), who claim he was forced to work for the gang, Shoreline 99’s, which had all but disappeared a few years ago.

Sherlock & Joan Ep 13

Bell and Sherlock track down a location on where some remaining members might still operate. The pair gets lucky and finds barrels that were smuggled in a few years ago, the content of t barrels were not what one might expect; they were full of maple syrup? Apparently, its seems there is an excellent black market for Maple Syrup. The gang’s high ranking members were looking at getting out of the drug business, and maple syrup was their ticket out. They arrest one of the men involved, and he explains that it was the gang’s former leader who was approached by a silent partner to pull the heist off. The silent partner was also the one that assaulted Connor. The only person that know who the silent partner identity has been dead for a year. But the guy they have in custody does know one thing about the silent partner, and It’s a crazy story about how the partner once got into a bar fight and beat up several patrons, bouncers and a few pit bull. Sherlock finds a close enough case to what the had been described. The man arrested for the bar fight was none other than Frank Trimble, But it is five past midnight and unfortunately their time is up.

Joan & Sherlock

Captian Gregson (Aidan Quinn) does his best to keep the situation under control. S.W.A.T. is getting impatient and want to storm the dinner and end the situation now. They notice one of the covers that were blocking the door has fallen, and they decide to bring on in the sniper. Sherlock calls Brunelle and tells notify him that have found the man that assaulted his son, but it is too late. Joan knew about the snipers, thanks and Sherlocks’s text, managers to talk Brunelle down. He thanks Joan for saving his life and turns himself in and no one lost their life. Sherlock and Joan still not satisfied with Trimble getting away with his crime, dig a little deeper. Sherlock works out a solution thanks to some help from the hacker group ‘Everyone‘, But their help always comes with a price. Two years ago Trimble took a trip to Canada to watch a hockey game. The second entered the country the time virtually pauses on the case and didn’t start again until her return to the US which was twenty-seven hours later. Which meant they technically could arrest him before the statue of limitations run out. So what was ‘Everyones‘ price, in exchanged for the information? Sherlock had to shave his head while broadcasting it on a live stream, with Joan doing the honours.

Elementary returns February 19th on CBS at 10/9c

The Good
  • I loved this week's case as it was different and alluring, watching Sherlock and Bell work under the pressure of a time restraint. Season five just gets better with each episode.
The Bad
  • This week the only con for me is that Shinwell wasn't in the episode
5 Essential

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