We Review the Latest Episode of Elementary SN05 EP12 – ‘Crowned Clown, Downtown Brown’


Our favourite crime fighting duo Sherlock and Joan were back in the saddle after a short break. This week the investigation what not what it seemed, with a little touch of misdirection. They look into the murder of a man dressed as a clown, but there is something more going. Let’s refresh the little grey cells with a quick recap of Episode 11.

Elementary SN05 EP11 – ‘Be My Guest’

While wrapping up a murder investigation, Sherlock discovers evidence of a woman being held a prisoner for years and races to track her down before she is disposed of by her captor. Watson faces difficult when she discovers the Shinwell is not taking his informant training seriously and is taking huge risks with is gang.

Sherlock Season 5

Elementary SN05 EP12 – ‘Crowned Clown, Downtown Brown’

Watson it trying to get Detective Bell to help her Stepfather, so he will stop writing books about her and Sherlock. She notices the Bell has a hot date and she wants all the details. Bell is waiting at the bar when he gets a call his date is stuck working on the big case, and she asks for a rain check. As Bell leaves his accidently runs into a man, knocking his drink out of his hand, he makes a big deal out of it and instigates a fight. Two men are chasing a clown through the woods, they lose him for a short time, but when they catch up the find a clown mask on the ground and as the get closer they realise the mask is attached to a dead body. He has been half burried, so there is no way he was the clown they were chasing, he couldn’t have died or been killed in the short time they lost him. In disbelief and confused the men stare at the dead clown. Mount Pleasnt’s Sheriff Malick calls Sherlock in on their unusual murdered clown case.

Sherlock & Bell

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In the woods, they are looks at the clown body trying to make some rational sense out of it. Sherlock states he has seen plenty of dead clowns of late, their clown has been dead for 36 hours so there is no way that he was the clown the two men were chasing down in the woods. Sherlock want’s to know what’s on the other side of the woods. Bell’s date Chantel Milner, unexpectedly shows up at the precinct, she informs him that the man he punched last night was Roy Booker her ex-husband, who came to her office and made a big scene. Captian Gregson calls in a suspect, and they get the guy to confess to wearing a clown suit. They show him the photos of the dead clown, he is in disbelief and tells them he didn’t do it; he was in Pittsburgh the night it happened. He also admits that he and another man were dressing up for prank-pertising, to promote a scary movie that is coming up. Sherlock searches the site online and visits the companies site AdRupt, and realises that the man who wrote the disgruntled article is their dead clown.

Sherlock & Joan

Bell and Sherlock head out to the woods and they discuss Bell’s situation with Chantel’s ex-husband. They find a utility hole in the woods, which is an odd place for a service hole to be, Sherlock says that it is, in fact, New York City’s drinking water. The pair opens it up, and Sherlock sees a residue and a harmful residue at that. He tells Bell that the water has been poisoned. They think that is why the clown was killed because he had seen something, and he tells Bell to put out an alert to not drink the water. They meet with city official Wendell Hecht and Special Agent Breslin at the precinct who thank them for discovering the residue, which had been able to pass all of their detectors. However, they won’t divulge what they know, but Sherlock and Joan are one step ahead and know what it is, she gives sherlock’s glove to a friend in the lab to run some tests. They find out it is man made super bug and Sherlock has an idea of who may have created it. Sherlock and Bell bring in the woman in question, who had written some manifestos on mass murder. She gives them a name Raymond who is a biologist on the Upper East Side.



Bell and Sherlock pay his office a visit but is has been away all week with a family emergency, they take a look at his computer and discover he has created a super virus that can’t be detected but will only give people a mild stomach ache, it doesn’t make any sense at all. They again meet with city officials to share their findings so far. Sherlock explains that even though the superbug would have only given people a stomach ache, it still would have caused terror. Hecht agrees with Sherlock, but Special Agent Breslin who doesn’t by it is pissed that someone had leaked the story, he tells the team to stand down, as he will now take the lead. Watson has a water filtration system installed which annoys Sherlock. He has done some research, and he believes the suspect only poisoned the water so that the city would be forced to build a new filtration system. Sherlock heads to confront the suspect; Gio Bianchi a developer who paid Raymond to make a super so that his company would win the contract to build the new water plant. He explains to Sherlock that he makes his profits on UV, not on the filtration itself. So the suspect is someone who is trying to drive up the water filter market. Captain Gregson gets the city officials back at the precinct, and they share their findings of the home filtration system, there is only one filtration system that can filter out a virus and it’s also recommended by the EPA, who holds the patent you ask? None other than Wendell Hecht who works for the Department of Environmental Protection. He had orchestrated the whole thing to line his pocket’s.

The Good
  • It was an intresting episode this week luring us to get caught up in the clowns when in actual fact it was a clever misdirection. It was nice to see Detective Bell feature more in this week's episode.
The Bad
  • I hate clowns with a passion, and as bad as this sounds I was glad to see the clown get taken out early in the episode.
4 Great

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