We Review The Latest Episode of Elementary SN05 EP11 – ‘Be My Guest’


I don’t know about you guy’s but it nice to have Holmes and Watson back after a short break. Before we get down to business, here is a quick recap of the last episode

SN05 EP10 – ‘Pick Your Poison’

Watson had her DEA number and identity stolen by a drug mill perpetrator, which led to the discovery of two dead bodies, a Rheumatologist and a patient’s mother. Sherlock has to deal with an unwanted gift from Shinwell while trying to prevent Shinwell from possibly making the same mistakes again.

SN05 EP11 – ‘Be My Guest’

A woman is making breakfast, a seemingly ordinary start to the day, but something is not right. A man then comes out to say goodbye to the woman, but before he leaves he attaches a leash, to a collar around her neck, and it is evident she is being held there against her will. Captain Gregson (Aidan Quinn) and Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) are talking to a suspect, and they believe stole from the auction house where he works. Sherlock notices a man acting suspiciously. When the man gets up and leaves Sherlock follows him and steals his phone. What Sherlock found on his phone was nothing short of disturbing, when the man realises his phone is missing the two get into a fight which Gregson has to break up. Sherlock neglects to tell Gregson what he saw on the phone, as the police wouldn’t probable cause to get a warrant. Shillwell’s (Nelsan Ellis) training isn’t going well; he doesn’t believe the training will help him in his quest to take down his former gang

Holmes & Watson

Sherlock decides the best course of action, is for Sherlock and Joan (Lucy Liu) to break into the man’s house. His name is Ryan Decker, and it seems he doesn’t spend a lot of time at the house. Sherlock read his lips when he first noticed him and knew that his is working with an accomplice. Sherlock is worried that Decker may now be spooked, and hurt the girl. The house wasn’t fruit full for the missing girl, but they were able to bring Decker in for having pirated movies. Decker lawyers ups and they have a day or two max to hold him on. With the clock ticking Joan heads to talk to his ex-wife Carrie. The woman appears to dislike her ex-husband really and can’t think of anyone who would be his accomplice, but Joan does find out that Decker used to work with Carrie at an immigration and customs office. Joan suspects that he might have found his victims through there. Sherlock finds the identity of the woman he saw in the video. Decker’s victim is Preeda Boonark and Decker has had her captive for five years. Shinwell has a meeting despite Joan’s concerns. He calls the deal off though because the guy was acting suspiciously. He was going to rip Shinwell off, but thanks to the training he was able to pick up on his weird behaviour

Every led turns up dead ends, but eventually the have to let Decker go since they have nothing to charge him. They tail Decker, but the offers lose him within hours. They can narrow down the area where they lost Decker. Sherlock suggests that they start close to the beach, because of the shit painting in Decker’s house. They found a big pool of blood on the beach and given the amount of blood no one would have survived. Sherlock finds Decker’s keys on the beach which leads them to another house. Sherlock and Joan wait while the swat team enters, they locate the girl alive. However the woman they have found is not Preeda but another one of Decker’s victims. Joan recognises the brand as the same one Decker’s ex-wife was using in her coffee, which makes Decker’s ex-wife Carrie the accomplice.

Sherlock - Gregson - Watson

They find the second house just as Carrie was preparing to touch the house. They arrest her and sit her in the squad car when on of the offers hears a noise coming from the trunk of the car in the driveway. They find Preeda, who is still alive, so the blood they found on the beach was Deckers. Carrie killed him to tie up loose ends now that he was on the police radar. Shinwell is waiting for Joan at the Brownstone with all the locks picked, and he is very proud of himself, it looks like he is ready to embrace the training seriously now.

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Elementary airs Sunday 10/9c on CBS

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