We Review the Latest Episode of Bates Motel SN05 EP2 – ‘The Convergence of the Twain’

With every episode, Bates Motel delves deeper into the psyche of everyone’s favourite Mamma’s boy Norman Bates. Last night’s episode seen Norman’s date not go to plan, Romero clearly frustrated loses his shit, and we see Chick for the first time in season five.

Bates Motel SN05 EP02 – ‘The Convergence of the Twain’

Norman (Freddie Highmore) his on his way to see Sheriff Romero (Nestor Carbonell) in prison. He thanks Romero for sending his friend to check on him, but his quite alright. Norman tell Romero he is actually sympathetic to his plight, he knows what it’s like to be locked up and watched all the time. Norman refuses to accept the fact his Mother, Norma (Vera Farmiga) had anything to do with putting Norman in the psychiatric facility. Romero tells him you are alive for now, tells Noman not to get too comfortable in the big house, and warns he is coming for him when he least expects it. Dylan (Max Thierot) wakes and finds that Caleb (Kenny Johnson) has left a note saying he has moved on, Emma (Olivia Cooke) says she spoke to Caleb and that he understood it was better for him to leave. She tells him that are on a good path with no secrets.

Caleb arrives at Bates Motel, he knocks on the door and yells out to Norma, but no answer. He goes around the back and enters the house, but something is not right, the kitchen is a mess with dishes piled up in the sink, half eaten food on the table and a dog food bowl overflowing with dog food. Caleb wanders up stair shouting out Norma’s name, he finds Norma’s room in the same state of the kitchen, but Norman’s room is spotless, with no one there Caleb leaves. Romero is a dish bitch in the prison kitchen, he starts a fight with a big guy and gets belted pretty bad, But I have a feeling there is a method to his madness! Norman happens to go to the coffee shop across from Madeleine’s (Isabelle McNally) hardware store and creepily watches her from the window. She visits the coffee shop, and Norman tries to act nonchalant, and the conversation is just purely awkward but continues to get more awkward which I didn’t think could be possible.

Madeleine suggests setting him up on a date, but Norman refuses until he finds out it will be a double date with Madeleine and her husband and he agrees. Madeline’s husband walks in, to meet her.  Norman has already met him at the Motel, David Davison aka Sam Loomis (Austin Nichols) this can’t end well folks. Romero has been scooped up off the floor after his beating and is in the prison infirmary, Romero says he was jumped because they had found out he was an ex-copper, the Doctor suggests he talk to his Lawyer. Norman returns home to find Mother dearest learning French off the computer. Norma asks where he has been all day, and he tells her the village when she questions all day? He fessed up and said he went to visit Romero, and she tells him that was dumb going and telling him he knows he sent someone to kill him. He tells Norma he went there to make sure Romero knows to mess with him…. Weedy little Norman is getting a bit tough!! Norma says she will deal with Romero once he gets out and Norman demand to know is she still has feelings for him.

Norma saved by the bell, the door bell (pardon the 90’s tv show reference but could help it). It’s Chick (Ryan Hurst) at the door, and he can hear Norman talking to someone. He’s there to check on Norman, he gives him a box of freshly picked apple and also offers Norman a business proposition. Chick will provide Norman with specimens/dead animals which Norman can turn into art. Check knows an art dealer in Portland who is into this sort of stuff. Norman is excited, but when Chick says they split 50/50 Norman get less excited until Chick asks how the freezer is working out for him, Noman is only too happy to go with the 50/50 split. Caleb checks into a motel and says he is there to visit his sister, Norma Bates. The reception guy is left with the horrible task of telling Caleb, that Norma passed away. Caleb visibly in shock said he was just visiting his Son, and he didn’t say anything, the guy tells him that it made the local news because she had committed suicide.

Sam Loomis pays Norman a visit at the Motel, and he wants to know what kind of man Norman is, he tell Norman to stay out of it. Norman says, man-to-man you apparently don’t care about his wife. Loomis threatens Norman he will kick his ass if he tells his wife about his affair. Before he leaves, he tells Norman not to screw with him, and they have a manly stare down. A distraught Caleb goes to the cemetery, and break down at Norma Louise’s gravestone. I don’t think Caleb’s heart can take much more heartbreak. Norman is getting ready for his date, and Mother is smoking and listing to some quality old 45’s, Norman treats her like a child and asks if all this is because of their conversation about the love of her life, Romero? Norma denies loving him and quickly changes the subject, asking where he is going, he tells her a business meeting, she replies, you’re really into business meetings now, pure sassy right there,  I’m loving the obnoxious Norma.

Norman’s date control the whole conversation over dinner, Madeleine praises Joanne’s computer skills, she says Madeleine makes it easy because she is creative and artistic, Norman says he know that from simply being in her shop, Sam jumps in and corrects Norman, it’s their shop.  Noman replies,  it’s hard to remember since your never there. Dinner was really just about who is the bigger man. Sam spend most of his time in Seattle for business. Madeleine tells Sam it’s all going to be good, Norman says his mother use to say that, the whole mood of the dinner drops as they offer their condolences to Norman and Madeleine smiles and says she is glad he came out. Norman runs to the bathroom, where Mother appears and ask when he started lying to her. He says it was easier to go for dinner then insult her. Norman orders his mother out the window and tells her to lay down on the back seat, so no one sees her. As she is going out the window, she asks if he even likes her anymore.

Romero is visited by his Lawyer and is told he should be able to get him transferred to a work farm. Romero explains that he didn’t care when he first got there whether he lived or died but now realises he needs to think of getting to a safer environment because he has to think of his dead wife’s son. Romero’s Lawyer tells him he will file the papers to get him moved and tell him not to piss anyone else off. With the dinner date done, Norman is sitting in the car when Mother pops up asking why he hasn’t started the car yet, and she spots Madeleine as asks why he is having dinner with a woman that is a ten year younger version of her? Norman denies it is anything but dinner, and Norma gets out of the car. Norman heads to the bar, in the mirror, his reflection is Norma, she shares with the bartender that she is the caretaker for a mentally ill person, she tells shim her job is harder now he don’t like her very much anymore. She continues saying she doesn’t want to do these things, and she needs to get out more and see real people.

Chick is in a dive bar, and he is writing a journal about our mamma’s boy Norman, talking to his mother like she was alive, but she is very much dead, Norman’s happiness is all just a creation of the mind. Caleb walks into the bar and Chick approaches him, he tells Chick not to mess with him right now. Caleb loses it when Chick says he raped his sister and told hin not to talk about Norma that way or he will kill him. Chick realises that Caleb just found out about Norma and tell him to wait, Caleb says to Chick the one day Norman would kill Norma, and Caleb vows that Norman won’t get away with it. Norman returns home and gets out mother’s favourite dress. A taxi arrives at the Bates Motel, Caleb gets out, runs up to the house and smashes the window to unlock the door. He screams out to Norman as he searches the house, he heads to the basement still screaming out for Norman, he opens the freezer door and sees Norma’s body in the rocking chair. Norman decked out in mothers dress, and a blond wig knocks Caleb out with a crowbar. Chick witnesses it all and  Norma/Norman says well Chick, now you know I’m still alive!! It just gets better every episode!!

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Bates Motel airs Mondays at 10 pm on A&E

The Good
  • Bates just keeps getting better with every episode. Didn't think it was possible to love Norma anymore then she bring out the sassy and obnoxious Norma and it is bloody awesome! The descent into the dark recess that is Norman's mind has begun and I can't get enough!
The Bad
  • The fact I have to wait for 7 days for the next episode.
5 Essential

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