We Review the Latest Episode of Bates Motel SN05 EP08 – ‘The Body’

Last night on Bates Motel Mother uses tough love to protect Norman, while Sheriff Greene begins a murder investigation and Dylan gets his brother help. Our favourite mama’s boy Norman, life is starting to unravel little by little. Is it bad that I am enjoying watching the tightly coiled ball of string start to uncoil? Read last week’s review Here




Bates Motel SN05 EP08 – ‘The Body’

Sheriff Jane Greene (Brooke Smith) is trying to get Norman (Freddie Highmore) to speak her about the 911 call, in which he had confessed to killing Sam Loomis (Austin Nichols). When Norman finally opens his eyes, he sees his mother, Norma (Vera Farmiga), he immediately closes them, and when he opens them again, she is gone. Norman begs for his meds and wants out of the house and says he will tell the Sheriff everything. Sheriff escorts Norman out of the house, and Dylan (Max Thieriot) chases them down to the police car he advised Norman not to say anything until he sees a lawyer. Sheriff Greene interrogates Norman, but he points to two different spots on the map where the body of Sam Loomis is. She asks Norman about the lake, and he admits to being down there Sheriff Greene then proceeds to tell Norman they pulled two bodies out of the lake, one being Jim Blackwell and the other was a female who was too decomposed to identify, she asks if Norman knows who she is. Sheriff Greene believes Norman is making it all up, and he is acting out like a child would when they feel ignored.

SN05 EP08 - The Body

Norman again admits that he killed Sam Loomis, but can’t tell the sheriff why he did it. Norman is taken to a holding cell and given his medication. Norma appears suddenly, and she pushes him on the cell floor, demanding to know what he has done, Norman fights back, but Norma gets the better of him and drags him to the toilet and force him to throw up the medications he had just taken. Norma cradles Norman telling him there is no good in the world but there is no one who deserving of his kindness and it’s time for her to fix it, but she can’t do it as long as Norman is there. She asks for forgiveness and then smashes Norman’s head into the toilet until he was unconscious. Dylan meets with a lawyer, Julia Ramos (Natalia Cordova-Buckley) Dylan also tells her about his mother-in-law, who came to the motel and has disappeared without a trace, but are not sure if she just wanted to vanish or if Norman killed her. Sheriff Greene pays Norman another visit in the holding cell, Norman is looking in the window, but his reflection shows Norma. The Sheriff suggests that have another chat in the interrogation room, Norman [Norma] asks the Sheriff if it is standard procedure to question a mentally ill person without a lawyer present and she reminds him he never asked for one nor did he want a lawyer present.

SN05 EP08 - The Body

Norman [Norma] claims he know his rights and unless she is charging him with something, he is walking out that door. Sheriff Greene places him under arrest and reads Norman his rights. Chick (Ryan Hurst) arrives at the Bates Motel, with police tape everywhere. An officer tells him the motel is closed for business and is an active crime scene as is the house. She tells him that Norman isn’t dead, but she can’t disclose any more information. Norman gets a visit from his lawyer Ramos and Norman makes it clear she works for him, not Dylan. She tells Norman she will present it as a psychotic episode, but if there is a body, his is going to have to explain why he lied about the murder. Norma takes over and asks why someone would lie, someone else would have had to kill Loomis. Dylan calls his wife Emma (Olivia Cooke), he says he misses them, and he is worried about Norman, he is very ill. Emma tells Dylan she is worried about him, he reassured Emma that he is ok. Ramos taunts Sheriff Greene about playing a little fast and loose with the rules, considering the court was open today yet not paper were filed but given the violation of her clients right. He would still like to cooperate.

SN05 EP08 - The Body

Norman says he has no idea where the body is IF there is a body, Norman goes to admit he fell in love with Madeleine Loomis (Isabelle McNally). You can see where this is going; he says he was lonely and she reminded him of his mother. Norman tells the sheriff that Madeleine’s husband Sam was having an affair and did their dirty deed at his motel. He took the blame so Madeleine could live her life, he couldn’t save his mother, but he could rescue Madeleine. Do you believe this nonsense?? The Sheriff calls Madeleine into the police station and is told they have reason to believe something has happened to Sam and her friend Norman Bates called in saying he had killed her husband. Madeleine has no idea why Norman would claim that he killed Sam. Alex Romero (Nestor Carbonell) searches for his gun and eventually finds it and leaves the house, naturally bound for Bates Motel. Sherrif Greene is given some news and orders for Norman to be put back in the interrogation room. Greene then set out to see Dylan and tells him they have found Emma’s mother’s body in the lake. Romero arrives at the Bates Motel and makes his way up to the house. He sees his memories of Norma walking up the stairs and sitting beside her bed smiling back at him, he lays down and falls asleep.

SN05 EP08 - The Body

Norman sits in the interrogation room, Norma tells him to be patient and says she misses him. Romero woken by the sound of voices in the basement, he heads down and finds Chick typing while listening to a recording of Norman. Chick tell Romero Norman is in jail after he confessed to murdering and says he is there writing a book about Norman and Norma. Chick says he is typing in this room because he wanted to feel what it was like to feel what she felt. Norman built it all for Norma. Romero has no idea what he is talking about, Chick tells Romero that Norman dug Norma up, Romero wants to know where she is now but Chick has no idea. Chick laughs at how Romero and Norman are worthy adversaries and how scripted drama doesn’t hold a candle to real crime. Chick then starts to mock Romero, and he puts a bullet in Chicks head. The police are searching the woods when they come across the well, with Sam Loomis’ body inside. Sheriff returns to the interrogation room informing Norman he is also charged with the murders of Jim Blackwell and Audrey Ellis. Oh, Norman, Norman, Norman, my boy you are screwed! Mother can’t get you out of this one or can she?!

SN05 EP08 - The Body

Watch the promo for next week’s episode  ”Visiting Hours” below

Bates Motel airs 10 pm Monday’s on A&E

The Good
  • Oh what tangled webs we weave! Another brilliant episode of Bates Motel last night. I would give 10/10 if I could.
The Bad
  • I'am enjoying his descent into madness far too much...
5 Essential


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    How was Audrey’s body found in the lake when in the previous season it was alluded that she was buried in the hole next to the hotel?

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