We Review the Latest Episode of Bates Motel SN05 EP07 – ‘Inseparable’

Last night on Bates Motel we saw Norman and Mother come together as trouble looms large, Romero convalesces with the help of an old friend while Dylan comes home.



Bates Motel SN05 EP07 – ‘Inseparable’

Sam Loomis (Austin Nichols) lays dead in the motel bathroom with Norman (Freddie Highmore) in standing there with the bloody knife in hand and paralysed by shock. Never fear Mother, Norma (Vera Farmiga) to the rescue, she orders Norman to clean up and change his clothes they can ponder life later they have cleaning up to do now. Norman is still shaken from just killing Sam Loomis He, and Norma drives Sam’s car into the forest to dump it when they see the Police lights ahead. Mother and Son watch as the Police bring up a body bag from the lake, Norman vomits when he realises it is a body bag and Norma says “It’s going to be a long night!” Ha! I love the new Norma. Norman loses it and says that Sheriff Greene (Brooke Smith) is going to piece it together once the ID him as Jim Blackwell. Norma slaps Norman to calm him down and he slap her back, after seeing what the new Norma is capable of I would be slapping her that’s for sure! Norma slips up about the body, Norma what’s to know how may times they have done this and how many bodies are in the lake? Norma tells him there is a lot at stake right now and if the can connect any of the bodies to Norman, he could be put to death or put in a metal institution and force fed medication, either way, it will be the end for the both of them. They came across a well and decided to dump the body there. Norman can’t believe he did this and as they toss the body in Norma says she wishes she had a quarter to make a wish.

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Norma and Norman walk home after selling the car to the chop shop. Norman asks if he should turn himself in? He doesn’t want to be killed or locked up but what they are doing is so very wrong. Norma thinks perhaps she shouldn’t have told Norman the truth, as it is too much for him to handle, she suggests that if it happens again, she can take over completely, but Norman says that isn’t an option. As the arrive at the motel so does Sheriff Greene. The Sheriff informs Norman that they found multiple bodies in the lake last night, and one of those bodies was that of Jim Blackwell. Norman acts as if he is shocked, but what the sheriff still can’t work out is why Blackwell had Norman’s address and what Romero (Nestor Carbonell) has to do with it all. Before she leaves she notices the tire tracks in the gravel, Norman says it was most likely from a guest leaving in a hurry. Romero had been recovering at his old friend, Mary’s place and he doesn’t remember much, but he remembers having a gun on him when he arrived, and he wants it back, but Mary says he must have lost it. She obviously knows something is not right. Norman dusts off a wheelchair, and when Norma returns home he tells her, the police have found multiple bodies in the lake, if they link them to him then they will search the house, so he needs to get everything out that could be suspicious like his dead frozen mother in the walk-in freezer. Norma wants to know what he is going to do with her body. He tells her there is a beautiful spot in the woods he will take her there for now. Norman treks his mother to the clearing and digs a place deep enough to put Norma’s body on and covers her with a blanket.

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Dylan (Max Thieriot) returns to the family home, Norman offers him something to eat, Dylan surveys the house and sees dead flowers, cigarettes and women’s shoes, and when he walks into the kitchen, it looks like a bomb went off. Norman asks how Emma (Olivia Cooke) is and Dylan reveals they got married and had a baby girl named Katie, Norman apologises for not calling him. Norman sees his mother standing behind Dylan and turns away. Dylan somewhat confused asks if he is still seeing Dr Edwards¬†(Damon Gupton), Norman tells he stopped seeing the doctor after their mother had died, and that he stopped the medications too, he feels he is doing ok without them. I don’t think any medication can help his type of crazy! Dylan knows something is not right and says he is going to stay with him for a few days. Romero searches the house for his gun but us unsuccessful at locating it, Marty wants to know what’s going on, but Romero won’t elaborate and tells her to stay out of it. Norman wakes up to Norma watching him sleep because that’s not creepy at all Norma! She says Norman needs to get rid of Dylan, and he can no longer be in their lives, it only can be the two of them, She says he need to convince Dylan that he is ok and everything is fine and make Dylan leave. Dylan learns with the rest of us that Dr Edwards has in fact been missing for over a year and is presumed dead…. Hold up, wait for a second, What!?! I didn’t see that coming, did you?? Norman seen the doctor a few days ago and had coffee, it’s gotta be getting a little crowded in Norman’s head now?

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Dylan runs into Madeleine Loomis (Isabelle McNally), she is shocked to find out Norman has a brother, she is worried that her Husband didn’t come home and thinks that Norman may have seen him. Norman is in the kitchen with music playing while he cooks dinner for him and his brother. Dylan asks Norman about Madeleine’s missing husband, Sam, and he completely brushes it off. Dylan pushes the issue further, and Norman starts to give up what Sam Loomis was up, cheating on his wife. Norman tells Dylan he needs to leave soon because he shouldn’t be there. Dylan hands Norman some pills from the pharmacy and begs Norman to take them, Norman is at the sink getting a glass of water to take the pill when he tells his mother to stay out of it, But Norma just wants to talk to Dylan. Dylan has no idea what’s going on as he watches Norman turn into Norma. She tells Dylan she knows that he means well, but she can only be a good mother to one son, she tells Dylan she loves him so very much, and this pains her that he is getting in the way, then smashes Dylan in the head with a glass sending him across the floor. Norma grabs a knife to stab Dylan. Norman jumps on her trying to stop her all the while Dylan is on the floor watching the crazy unfold, and Norman tries to fight his mother but actually fighting himself. Norman stops his mother and immediately ring 911, he’d like to report a murder, my name is Norman Bates, and I killed Sam Loomis. Dylan’s still on the floor is in shock at what has just happened.

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Bates Motel airs Monday’s at 10pm on A&E

The Good
  • WOW! What a brilliant episode, Freddie Highmore killed it, he is such a brilliant actor and last night he took it to a whole new level. Let's not forget about the equally incredible Vera Farmiga, and I am about loving the "New Norma" she is full of sass and FU attitude. Last night's episode was an emotional rollercoaster, and I have to say Norman managed to get a tear out of me, yes just one anymore and it would ruin my street cred.
The Bad
  • I can only give a score from 0-5, this episode and the cast deserve a big fat 10
5 Essential

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