We Review the Latest Episode of Bates Motel SN05 EP06 – ‘Marion’

On last night’s episode of Bates Motel, Norman checks in a special guest at the motel, Dylan grapples with the devastating news while Sam and Madeleine face a crossroads in their marriage. You can read Bates Motel SN05 EP05 – ‘Dreams Die First’ review here. Wow, what an episode folks! It just gets better and better as we go along.




Bates Motel SN05 EP06 – ‘Marion.’

Marion Crane (Rihanna) arrives at the motel, Norman (Freddie Highmore) meet her and checks her into room #1, where he can keep an eye on her. She is here from LA to meet her boyfriend. Marion texts Sam Loomis (Austin Nichols) while checking in telling him to meet her. Marion asks Norman where she could get something to eat, and he offers to make her a sandwich. As Norman walks up to the house, he sees his mother Norma (Vera Farmiga) watching him from the window. Norma question where he has been, but Norman ignores her, and tells mother he is not playing her game, Norman admits he is insane but says many people who are “mad” can adequately function. Norma says he is just upset that she went out and got laid, but it is Norman fault because he is always out with that Madeleine Loomis (Isabelle McNally) woman. Norman tells his mother that she doesn’t exist, he made her up. Norma asks Norman, well if I don’t exist then why am I here? Norman says because of the beautiful girl who has just checked into the motel. He says that she isn’t real and that she has no power over him and he will prove it and with that Norman takes the tray of food down to the motel.

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Emma (Olivia Cooke) reads the article about Norma’s death, as Dylan (Max Thieriot) arrives home, he noticed she is upset, and she breaks the news that Norma had committed suicide two years ago, right after they left. Dylan is visibly shocked and upset as he looks at the article. Marion and Norman chat, he tells her he lives with his mother, she tells Norman that he is lucky to have a mother since her mother died when she was a young girl. Norman creepily strokes one of the dead birds on the table and that it was difficult to be lonely. Marion’s phone vibrates, it Sam, who claims he is still busy with the client. Marion tells him to forced his client and came to the motel, room #1. Sam tells her he can’t get away, and Madeleine starts banging on the door, Marion asks who that is, Sam hands up on her. Norman is peeping through the hole he put in the wall of room #1 and watched as Marion gets undressed and showers. He moves away from the wall when he hears his mother’s voice, and she says this is why he needs her.

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Marion asks Norman to see the guest register. She wants to know if her boyfriend Sam Loomis is ok, Sam was supposed to meet her here at the motel. Norman tells Marion that it’s not on the registry, but he can give it to her because he knows his wife. Marion denies it, and Norman tells her he doesn’t like how he is treating either of them. Norman gives Marion the address and she drives to the address to Norman gave her. She witnesses Sam and Madeleine arguing in the house. Releasing she was wrong about him, she grabs a crowbar from her car and smashes the windows on Sam’s car. He comes out and asks what she is doing, Marion gets in her car and drives off. Sam returns to the house say he can explain when Madeleine throws her wine in his face and locks him out. Dylan calls Norman demanding to know what is going on and why he didn’t tell him about their mother’s death. Norman says he didn’t know how to reach them, Dylan calls bullshit and say Norman would never have committed suicide. Norman says that their mother had a darkness in her that Dylan had no idea about and she tried to kill them both, which was confirmed by the authorities. Norman takes Dylan for calling then hangs up on him.

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Norma is back and tells Norman to come and have dinner, but when he looks back again, no one is there. Norma asks him to set the table but instead decides to make his own dinner. Norma tells him he is confused and that he needs to take care of him. Norman tells her for the first time he sees clearly. Norman won’t looks at her, so she grabs his face and tries to force his eyes open, she wants to know why he is mean. Norman tells her he made her up, and he is not even sure if he just spoke to Dylan. Norma knocks the dishes off the table until she gets Norman to admit she is real. Norman returns to the motel to find Marion’s car and a lot of noise coming from her room. Marion says she went to Sam’s house and felt like an idiot. She says she is checking out, but can’t return home because of something she has done. Norman tells her she needs to leave and start fresh, she hugs Norman, and he tells her to get out while she can. As she is driving, she throws her phone out the window. Norma shows up while Norman is fixing the lamp Marion broke, she is pissed that Norman let her get away, because she was trying to get Norman to sleep with her, and he wanted her. Car lights flash by the office, and Norma says she’s back again.

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Norman looks out the window and sees it’s Sam Loomis, Norma says Sam reminds her of Norman’s father, a self-centered ass. Sam calls out to Marion, he calls her phone, and it goes to message bank, he apologises and says he it’s been hell living with his lie. He says he will be waiting for her at the motel. Norma shares that his mother shielded him from all the pain she endured from his father. She says she did it to keep him safe, and that the pain she has kept from him, he needs to feel now. With pain comes knowledge she tells Norman, they were partners and that he wanted to save her, but he was too small. Norma says the only way to stop this feeling is to do what she always did and what he wanted to do to that ass, Sam Loomis right now. Norman enters room #1 while Sam is in the shower, Norman opens the bathroom door and opens the shower curtain and repeatedly stabs him, Sam grabs the shower curtain as he falls to the ground. Norman’s face is covered in Sam’s blood, and  he says “Oh Mother, what have I done?!”

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  • Superb episode last night! Norman is starting to unravel and is starting to embraces the dark descent into madness and it is glorious to watch!
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