We Review the Latest Episode of Bates Motel SN05 EP04 – ‘Hidden’

On last night’s episode of Bates Motel, Norman examines his loyalties as he guards his secrets and Romero struggles to find safety.

Bates Motel SN05 EP04 – ‘Hidden.’

Caleb (Kenny Johnson) is lying in the middle of the road after being hit by the car, Chick (Ryan Hurst) confirms that Caleb is dead after Norma (Vera Farmiga) chased him with a gun. Norma orders Norman (Freddie Highmore) and Chick to get rid of the body, however, Norman wants to call the police, he believes it was an accident, but Chick reminds him that there are things in the basement that could cause the cops to ask a lot of questions and cause unwanted attention. The pair convince Norman that the best course of action is to bury Caleb, Chick hands Norman the groceries and tells him to leave the Chicken, he will make it for dinner after disposing of Caleb’s body. Sheriff Alex Romero (Nestor Carbonell) is talking down the kid that shot him and promises the boy if he gets a first aid kit then Romero swears he won’t say a word. As the kid goes to get a first aid kit, Romero makes a dash through the field. Chick dresses Caleb’s body, for the Pagan/Viking death trip to Valhalla, lighting his body and the boat on fire and pushes it out to float across the water. There’s a new Sheriff in town, Jane Greene (Brooke Smith), shortly after arriving at work she receives an urgent call from the DA. Norman is pissed off after his mother and chick decided to dump Caleb’s body, he and Norma argue while he is packing up his mother’s dresses. He questions Norma’s friendship with Chick, and she taunts him about throwing out her clothes, she tells Norman she will just buy more online, dead or alive she can’t be prancing around the house naked.

The new sheriff pays Norman a visit and asks him about Jim Blackwell, he has skipped parole, and they found Norman’s address at his place. Norman denies knowing Blackwell, and she tells him that the only reason she is concerned is that he was in the same prison Romero was in. She breaks the news to Norman that Romero has escaped from jail, Norman expresses his feeling on Romero, but the Sheriff isn’t buying it and finds it very convenient and odd that a man who would be out in 2 years would choose to escape unless there is something worth risking it for. Norman tells his mother that the new Sheriff was asking about Blackwell because he had the motels address with his things. This is what Norman wanted to avoid, and he is upset because his mother does things without consenting with him first, Norma tells him they will just wait until he is out of his next blackout before they decide anything in the future. Norman neglects to tell his mother that Romero has escaped prison.Norman donates some of his Norma’s stuff at the local church. Afterwards, he sees Madeleine Loomis (Isabelle McNally) at her hardware store and offers her a few of his dead mother’s dresses, and he tells her Norma was youthful, vibrant and fun. Hmmm, that is slightly creepy Norman, but Madeleine seems to like the gift and promises to take good care of them.

Chick has brought a few of his belongings to the Bates home and asks Norman if he can stay in Dylan’s (Max Thierot) old room. But Norman isn’t to keen on that idea and tells Chick, that he feels he shouldn’t spend so much time with him and Norma, and that he can’t stay here anymore. Romero finds a small apartment complex, and he calls 911 saying his neighbour overdosed. When the ambulance arrives, Romero jumps in and steals some supplies and money while the are looking for the patient. The Sheriff returns to the Bates Motel to see Norman, and she wants to know if the Motel keeps the old guest registry and asks to see it. She believes that Blackwell could have possibly checked in under an assumed name, Norman slips up badly when he mentions that Blackwell lived in Canyon City and the Sheriff catches. Norman attempts to cover his slip up, but the sheriff is already suspicious now, she asks him if he has seen an early 90’s silver and black Lincoln and gave him the number plate in case he sees it. Norman is flustered and nervous about the sheriff’s visit and demands his mother to tell him where in the woods she hid the car. Norma reveals that she has removed the plates and scratched off the VIN and had covered it in the thick bushes when they find it Norman wants it moved, but Norma tells him he is overreacting.

The pair bicker like an old married couple, Norman thinks his mother just wants to get caught so she can run off Romero. Norma starts screaming like a banshee, saying I’m Norma Bates and I faked my suicide, and I want out. Norman freaks out and starts strangling his mother. He calls for her after he believes he has killed her, and she comes back from the dead. Norma asks why his is so angry and tells him never to do that again and they walk back home. A call from Madeleine wakes Norman, and she calls to thank him for the dresses, they fit perfectly, she tells Norman that she can feel his mothers vibe. She invites Norman over for dinner since her husband Sam is still out of town. Norman visits Chick at his trailer, and he reveals to Norman that he is writing a suspense novel, Norman whats to know how to hot wire a car and get rid of it. Chick asks Norman what he did, but Norman refuses to tell him the details, but he does say to Chick that his mother is out of control and he doesn’t know how to reign her in. Chick offers to help Norman with Norma and a tearful Norman Thanks Chick for being a good friend and always being there for him.

Norman makes her promise she won’t do anything in regards to her, but Norma says she will always do what’s best for him and protect him. Norman expresses that he doesn’t need protecting and he is going to have dinner with Madeleine, and he will also take care of the car and that she need to accept that his in control of his own life. Norman is greeted by Madeleine wearing one of Norma’s dresses, they have dinner, and Norman asks about Sam (Austin Nichols), Madeleine says that the project he is working on is almost complete, but she hasn’t had the chance to talk to her husband about how she if feeling. She asks Norman if he wants to make a cake with her and they can them watch a movie and eat cake. Romero is looking for refuge, he has set off the dog, and a woman comes out with a baseball bat in hand and discovers Romero, he asks Maggie if he can come in and he helps him in the house. Madeleine and Norman are baking, and you could cut the tension with a knife. The cake is ready for the oven, but it doesn’t make it to the oven as the pair start making out, but then Norman sees his mother standing behind her, she grabs a knife and cuts Madeleine’s throat leaving her to die on the floor. Norman realises it didn’t happen and it was a vision, disturbed he leaves quickly and races home and yells out for his mother, demanding to talk to her.

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Bates Motel airs Monday’s at 10 pm  A&E


The Good
  • A superb episode of Bates Motel last night! The meltdown is imminent, and just when i didn't think Norman couldn't get any creepier he goes and surprises me, much to my delight!!
The Bad
  • I'm going to miss the mess of a man that is Caleb, godspeed Caleb you will be missed.
5 Essential

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