We Review The Latest Episode of Adventure Time SN08 EP21- ‘Happy Warrior’

After the last episode of Adventure Time, Betty (Felicia Day) is stoked to have the slime jewel even as Finn (Jeremy Shada) is depressed about losing Jake (John DiMaggio). Betty truly is insane, and that may just be a good thing. The group heads off to the Flame Realm to get the Fire Jewel. Betty casts a flame shield and sends Gunter with Finn as LSP (Pendleton Ward) joins them. Wouldn’t have thought a Penguin heading to a flaming kingdom would be a good idea though. Clearly, Betty just wants some time with Ice King.
Finn faces an old friend but defeats him instantly before stealing his armor and fire sword. This realm is based on the power of fiery anger. Lady Rainicorn (Niki Yang) has become Lady Flameicorn attacks, Finn. Cinnamon Bun (Dee Bradley Baker) saves the trio and sends Flameicorn away.  Never would have expected the Flame Kingdom to look like this. Flambo appears and has become even more powerful but is snuffed out by Finn. These character transformations are amazing. It really goes to show that by changing a character you can really up the ante. In particular, Lady Rainicorn’s transformation is by far the coolest as it totally flips the script changing her from peaceful and charming to a truly dangerous beast.
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They climb through a tunnel in the former Flame Throne Room.  They find that the Flame Princess (Jessica DiCicco) has become a beast and Finn takes the jewel. They lose Gunter to the flames, and she takes the jewel back. Finn loses himself for a moment and fights Flame Princess. It is really cool seeing Finn like this but saddening to see him fight someone he once loved. But you can’t do wrong with a flaming version of Finn. Also, would not have expected Flame Princess to be a beast but it does fit seeing as she was already made of fire, to begin with.
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When a stray arrow hits LSP’s jewel, she yells out and stops the fighting. The flame people decide that she means they take the fight outside and they attack the Candy world. Finn has become flame again and is excited to take on a new foe. He has lost what makes him, Finn, and all that is really left is his rage. LSP is left alone, knowing she caused what is to come. Of course, LSP would cause some strife, she is quite good at doing that as she cares for herself above all others. It looks like we are in for LSP trying to fix things in the final 2 parts.
The Good
  • Finn and LSP along with Gunter head to the expanded Flame Kingdom. The characters who are covered in flame have lost their minds changing peaceful to hate. LSP trying to calm the masses which leads to war is classic LSP
The Bad
  • Finn is lost to the Flames. Jake is gone too. LSP feels hopeless.
4.5 Superb

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