We Review The Latest Episode of Adventure Time SN08 EP20- ‘Slime Central’

It is time for the next episode of Adventure Time and the continuation of Elements! Finn (Jeremy Shada) and Jake (John DiMaggio) are being lowered down on the Skyhooks to the Slime Kingdom. It looks even nastier as it is literally all slime. Finn and Jake realize they will have to blend in to get their prize and coat themselves in slime. They soon see that Slime Princess’s base is a rocking party. She is always one to enjoy a party, and it looks like even when she loses herself, she holds onto this aspect. When they enter they are asked for their skate size and Jake says infinite, so he is giving mini skates. Humorous but really he doesn’t seem to actually wear them the rest of the episode.
Slime Princess (Maria Bamford) is pretty close to Jabba the Hut in her elemental state. A jiggly blob that doesn’t speak and only laughs is certainly aiming to be a reference to Jabba. They find their target and Finn charges in but is rebuffed by her slimy form. They find Lumpy Space Princess (Pendleton Ward) who is now Lumpy Slime Princess, and they are drawn to a skating competition. It is actually quite the show, and the winner is absorbed into the Slime elemental. Totally disgusting honestly. But I suppose as they all worship this being, becoming one with her would be the sweetest reward.
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Finn, Jake and LSP enter the tournament, and with a sensual dance, they seem to win. But LSP flies out of Finn’s hands and knocks Jake’s violin baton into the Slime Elemental’s head. The crowned winners then are allowed to become one with the Slime Princess which shocks and appalls Finn. Finn, Jake, and LSP soon end up being absorbed through her back end as punishment for losing.
As they move through the Slime, they begin to change, and Finn battles hard to get his target. Finn realizing he doesn’t have a lot of time swims through the slime and soon gets his mark. Jake, ever the lazy one becomes slime as it effects him harder than the others. When LSP reveals she was never slimed, to begin with along with Finn, they are ejected. Finn might have gotten the gem, but he lost his best friend in the process. LSP joins Finn, and they return to Betty (Felicia Day) and Ice King (Tom Kenny) with the gem in hand. How will Finn save the day without his stretchy best friend by his side? What will happen to this journey now that LSP has been swapped in for Jake? Only time will tell.
The Good
  • A solid episode of Adventure Time where we were treated to a skating competition. Nice Star Wars reference. Good to see LSP joining in on the adventure.
The Bad
  • Jake is absorbed. The best buddies are split up.
4 Great

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