We Review The Latest Episode of Adventure Time SN08 EP19- ‘Cloudy’

The fourth episode of Adventure Time: Elements is here! Betty (Felicia Day) and Ice King (Tom Kenny) are reading through the Enchridion and Finn (Jeremy Shada) isn’t helping. Of course, Finn would be the one to get over excited about what is going to have to happen.  They make him take a nap so he can calm down. Jake (John DiMaggio) tucks him into to a cloud bed before falling asleep himself. They have been on the move since returning to Ooo.
Finn and Jake’s cloud ends up floating away from the cloud kingdom base. They decide to glide down until Jake needs to go to the restroom. Finn suddenly sees a cloud floating on a door. Finn is the only one who is curious about the door though.
Jake gives Finn a faux haircut to calm him, and he spills his guts. Finn is definitely a man now, and he really has grown. It is really nice hearing his feelings. Finn knowing Jake is also wound up gives him a faux haircut to. Jake, of course, is troubled by what is going down in Ooo and hopes they can fix it.
Jake sings a song about staying positive and Finn joins in. Music is always a great thing when it comes to Adventure Time. Jake opens the door with his stretchy powers and finds a toilet. Using it the cloud reveals itself to be an angler lard which tries to eat him. Lards are such strange creatures as since their first appearance they have become whatever they need to. You never know what kind of Lard may appear next.
Letting the lard smell Ice King’s jacket they are led to him and Betty. Cloudy talks to them and it is surprising that he can speak at all. Not enjoying Ice King’s flavor as he thought they throw the jacket and Cloudy chases it.
Betty learns that by taking the three jewels from the princesses, they can save Ooo. Ice King notices their “haircuts” and is sad they didn’t invite him. Poor Ice King, he really isn’t a villain. Plus, as a total weirdo, it is natural that he would notice something like imaginary haircuts. It looks like we will be seeing our heroes fetch the jewels from the Elementals in the coming episodes. It will be interesting to see how their powers have affected their strongholds that is for sure.
The Good
  • In a short episode that basically only has Finn and Jake we get to learn about how are characters feel. We also learn that imaginary haircuts are quite relaxing and that if you see a strange toilet it is best not to use it.
The Bad
  • Cloudy was gone in a flash. Ice King didn't get an imaginary haircut.
4 Great

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