We Review The Latest Episode of Adventure Time SN08 EP18 – ‘Winter Light’

Ice King (Tom Kenny) not knowing who Betty (Felicia Day) is, calls her weird lady, but still wants to save her by defeating Patience St. Pim (Laura Lapkus).  Ice King disguises himself and looks a lot more like Simon. It really goes to show how effective even a little cleaning up can change a person’s look drastically. He even gives Finn (Jeremy Shada) and Jake (John DiMaggio) nifty sweaters before pushing Finn down towards Patience’s stronghold. Ice King makes a sleigh, and they slide indefinitely through. This is one of the coolest uses of his magic, as it shows how powerful it really is.They see an Ice Golem and an Iceclops before their sleigh crashes. In the darkness of the dome, it was inevitable that they would end up hitting something.
Finn even sees his friend Carol (Cameron Esposito), who feels so much better not being a cloud. She feels that everything is great and when Finn tells her what they are planning to do she backs inside to her house. As a friend of Finn’s, it is suspicious that she won’t help them out.
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The Ice King’s house is now a pyramid. Though he does seem to kill a penguin if by accident. In the pyramid, an ice fox sings as a fox band plays along. The song is actually rather peaceful in nature. It is a little odd, but weirdness is to be expected in a show like Adventure Time.
The fox cries, as Jake grows an icicle.  Looks like he is turning into ice like in the candy quadrant.  Patience appears after Carol tells on them and when Finn attacks she freezes him. That tricky little former cloud really did cause trouble for our heroes. Patience tells how she used a massive spell to transform Ooo. She doesn’t want to fix it as the universe is suffering. Jake turns into Ice as Ice King finds and throws frozen Betty out of the pyramid. Finn picks up Jake and follows even though he really has frozen.
They end up saving Jake and Betty with Ice King’s magic soup. Betty tells them they need the Enchirdion and even though they once blew it up, Finn got another copy from his trip to Farmworld. This really does make sense as the Enchiridion is so powerful and as a hero, Finn does need to protect it. All in all a good episode to break up the nonstop action and adventure that is to come.

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