We Review The Latest Episode of Adventure Time SN08 EP17 – ‘Bespoken For’

Looking down at OOO they see it is broken into four quadrants, Fire, Candy, Slime and Ice. Ice King(Tom Kenny) tells the story of what happened and that his evil roommate Patience St Pim(Laura Lapkus) caused the whole event. Of course she was evil, it was really only a matter of time before she acted. Who would have thought that her plan would really have been so diabolical?

While Ice King bird watches, Betty(Felicia Day) comes to see him. Realizing she has to work with what she’s got she asks him out to bring him along.  Ice King and the Life Giving Magus(Dana Snyder) go suit shopping for his date. Ice King would rather wear his Mu Mu, but his pal won’t let him as it is a first date after all. They get him a Bespoke suit or a suit made just for you. Of course Finn(Jeremy Shada) and Jake(John DiMaggio) have no idea why any of this matters.

Ice King comes all dappered up to see Betty and using her magic opens up a magic realm version of a restaurant they frequented. Betty even as crazy as she is tries to be presentable because part of her loves who Ice King used to be, Simon. Betty loses it when she realizes Ice King does not remember her at all. He talks to Gunter about wanting to be loved, and Betty returns. Betty having changed, talks to Ice King without talking about the past. It is really nice seeing these two acting like a great match again, as they once were truly in love.

Patience seeing Betty’s magic quickly thinks that she needs to use her. Knocking Ice King Away, she freezes Betty  and has her taken to the basement. She tells Ice King his weird lady friend left to be with her boyfriend and of course being as stupid as he is, he doesn’t suspect a thing. Patience activates her plan, and calls Princess Bubblegum, Slime Princess, and Flame Princess and activates her magic. Ice King of course gets away with Gunter and that is how he ended up saving Finn and Jake from certain doom.

Another righteous episode of Adventure Time with a truly great backstory to the events that are now unfolding. Good to see such an Ice King based episode, and that maybe just maybe he and Betty may end up together somehow. It seems that their love really is eternal.

The Good
  • In a stellar episode we learned how Patience St. Pim caused the damage to Ooo. We also got to know how Betty and Simon were in the past. The love she feels is still quite real too.
The Bad
  • Ice King lost his penguins and Betty. Ooo looks doomed and it is all thanks to his stupidity.
4.5 Superb

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