We Review The Latest Episode of Adventure Time SN08 EP15 – ‘Orb’

Adventure Time is back for more amazing episodes beginning with Orb. If you need a refresher, last time we saw Finn(Jeremy Shada) and Jake(John DiMaggio) we met Finn’s mom(Ming-Na Wen) and learned that humans do exist. This takes place right after they leave and when they are on their way to OOO.
BMO(Niki Yang) is looking up at the sky and sees something flash above him. Jake and Finn both don’t want to get up from their beds. When they fall asleep, BMO says goodnight to a weird mirrored orb in the sky.
We then find ourselves in Jake’s dream where he hangs out with his Father Joshua and Brother Jerome(Tom Scharpling). His brother doesn’t want to work on art with him, and honestly seems a little off. Finn is flying through the skies when he sees a Water spirit. He ends up seeing the Party God who blew up along time ago. BMO’s dream is about him directing a play about Finn and Jake when he isn’t around.
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The mirrored orb moves closer causing the dreams to continue as it breaks into their consciousness.
Jake’s dream version of his Dad orders them to dig a hole which to them is rather odd, as he very vehement about them completing this task Finn’s dream also begins to be troubling as Princess Bubblegum(Hynden Walch) tells him he can’t fly before she loses her teeth and mind. A cloud with an eye comes and Finn finds he is trapped. BMO wants to talk to the director when it goes bad, and he wants to talk to the director who is A-Mo(Thu Tran).
Jerome and Jake find that they have buried their father as Jake realizes he is in a terrible place. Finn’s dream also goes to a bad place when he finds the tree fort under attack.  He hears Jake and goes to save him, and they sound end up on stage. It turns out that this is all of their nightmare combined.
Realizing that this cloud with an eye might need help, Finn takes what is given from her which are wings and a dress, and find out she is The Nightmare Princess.  It turns out she just wants bananas, which Finn and co have plenty of. BMO won’t let her just take them so in exchange for something super pretty which happens to be a bottle of Nightmare Juice, she heads off happy.
After receiving the nightmare juice, we find BMO looking out over the sea through a spyglass, and he tells them they have reached land. OOO however has gone through quite the change and not for the better. Taken over by Candy, Ice, Slime, and Fire, OOO is in chaos.
With this episode we finally got a connection between the Islands Miniseries and the Elements Miniseries which begins on April 24th. Hopefully things go better in OOO with Finn and Jake back in action. Really, this episode was great and definitely needed to bridge the gap and bring us back into the magical world of OOO.
Check out the miniseries opening below and a bit of the insanity to come in this clip of the first part. Adventure Time Elements is airing soon, and should be quite different from Islands with magic galore and a villain who is truly evil.
The Good
  • A great episode that bridges the gap between Islands and Elements is something I wasn't expecting. But it was a good thing as it really throws you back into OOO. Cool to see such an interesting new princess too!
The Bad
  • Would have liked to see more dreams and nightmares of these characters.
4.5 Superb

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