We Review the Latest Episode of 24: Legacy SN1 EP1 – ’12:00 Noon – 1:00 PM’

The clock begins again for 24, as the spinoff series 24: Legacy premiered. The Walking Dead ’s Corey Hawkins stars as Army Ranger Eric Carter.

Going into 24: Legacy you have to remember that probably no one will ever live up to our beloved and legendary Jack Bauer (or is that just me?), but that doesn’t mean this show won’t be great. There are new characters and a new story, and you cannot help but get excited when the ‘tick tick’ of the clock begins.

Corey Hawkins as Eric Carter

From the very beginning Corey Hawkins really holds his own as the lead. He makes for a convincing action hero and brings the cool but chaotic fighting style similar to Jack Bauer. If the fight scene in the construction site is anything to go by, there are probably some great sequences to come.

24: Legacy makes a confident start as it kicks straight into the action. This episode sets up the story well, but as it was fast-paced, it seemed as though we didn’t really get much time to care or even know these characters. Maybe it’s too soon to, but hopefully over the next few episodes we will begin to connect with these characters.

However, there is an obvious problem with 24: Legacy, the bad guys are Muslim terrorists. It certainly bad timing with recent events, this is a very sensitive subject at the moment in particular. It would have been so much better if they took the show down a different avenue, with a less stereotypical terrorist. Could this be the shows downfall?

Miranda Otto as Rebecca Ingram, and Dan Bucantisky as CTU Tech Andy

Although, putting politics aside, the show still has potential with a good supporting cast. Former head of CTU Rebecca Ingram (Miranda Otto) is this strong, intelligent, successful female character, who I think is gonna be a total badass. Especially since she pulled a Jack Bauer and tased the head of CTU (Teddy Sears). Carter’s wife Nicole (Anna Diop) can clearly take care of herself as she got a chance to kick some ass, and created a distraction allowing her and Eric to get away. Not bad for a civilian, eh?! I just hope she doesn’t become another generic damsel in distress. Other supporting cast includes Senator John Donavon (Jimmy Smits), CTU techs Andy (Dan Bucantinsky) and Mariana (Coral Peña) – who is the cousin of Edgar Stiles from the original series. Whether this easter egg will come to anything more is unknown, but it’s a nice reminder that the series takes place in the same universe.

It was a good start to the series, but the show struggled to set itself apart from its predecessor and other shows. There was nothing new or unique, but let’s give it time as I’m hoping for a big twist. I think it’s too early to make a final judgement yet, but I’m hopeful for the future of the show, it has the potential to be great like the original series.

Comment and let us know what you thought about 24: Legacy. You can check out the tease of episode 2 below:

The Good
  • Eric has his own Jack Bauer man bag, enough said!
  • Good start to the season, has the potential to be fantastic!
The Bad
  • The stereotypical bad guys
  • The storyline at the school felt a little out of place, I'm sure it will become an important part to the larger story, but it did effect the flow of the episode.
3.5 Good

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