We review the latest episode of 205 Live 5/9: Is This The Last Lesson For Akira Tozawa?

What is up my fellow pro wrestling junkies? We are back with another electric episode of 205 Live. I do apologize for last week’s absence no excuses just results right. Well, quick recap, TJP takes loses his title opportunity losing to Austin Aries.

TJP takes out Aries and felt that was enough to impress his mentor Neville. Neville wanted TJ to truly prove himself on

Raw which Perkins did by not only defeating Jack Gallagher but taking out his knee as well. Austin Aries comes to the aid of Gallagher taking out Neville’s protégé.

This leads us into tonight’s episode let’s get right into it.

Opening In-Ring Segment W/ Jack Gallagher.

Gallagher enjoying his time in his hometown of London England. Gallagher came to the ring to address his attack by TJ Perkins and Neville. Gallagher asks for Austin Aries to come to the ring thank him for coming to his aid last night on Raw.

Aries comes to the ring greeting the London fans. Aries takes Gallagher’s gratitude in stride with him also being the victim of TJ’s Knee Bar. Jack offers Aires a pint of beer for a traditional toast.

The toast was interrupted by The King Of The Cruiserweights Neville. The King was disgusted by the stereotypical parodies of Gallagher. Neville and Aries verbally went back and forth only to distract A-Dub as Perkins attacks Aries and Gallagher from behind.

Jack puts up a valiant effort but no avail as the champ and Perkins takes him out. A rejuvenated Aries goes on the offensive and with the help of an awaken Gallagher lays waste to The King and his sidekick. The Gentleman and A-Dub finally has a toast throwing back a pint.

– Backstage Rich Swann walks up on the re-formed couple of Noam Dar and Alicia Fox. Swann was surprised to see Dar back with Fox after Fox embarrassed and dumped Dat a couple of weeks ago.

Dar feels that Fox and his love is stronger than ever and looking forward to proving this to Swann in coming weeks.

Opening Match: Tony Nese Vs. Mustafa Ali

Hopefully, Mustafa Ali can clean match against Tony Nese without interference from Drew Gulak. I truly enjoy watching these two battle it out in their classic story of speed of Ali versus the strength of Nese.

Personally, I believe both men has a future as Cruiserweight Champion. Ali takes early control of the but with a masterful Swan Dive over the top ropes to the distaste of Gulak watching from the locker room. Nese takes advantage of Ali focusing too much on the admiration of the 15,000 in attendance in the 02Arena.

Nese continues to show his strength with a Deadlift Suplex for a near fall. Nese furthers his punishment with a brutal Torture Rack trying to break Ali in half.

Mustafa fights free but Nese pressure was too great. Ali wills himself to create some space with a Hurricanrana. Ali fired up turns up the offense with his Rolling Neckbreaker followed by another Hurricanrana this time off the apron. Ali goes for the win with Flying Cross Body but there was still some fight left in The Premiere Athlete.

Both combatants go back and forth but it’s Nese who got the upper hand delivering a series of strikes. The strikes want enough to take out Ali. Ali fights back landing a huge Tornado DDT. Ali drags the lifeless body of Nese to the corner, goes to the top rope and lands the Inverted 450 for the victory.

Winner via pinfall: Mustafa Ali

– Backstage Ariya Daivari gets away with paying for his wrestling boots being shined due to “shabby work.” As Daivari walks away he his bumped by Akira Tozawa. Ariya tells Tozawa to watch where he was walking not wanting Akira’s sweaty body ruining his silk shirt. Akira simply replies with his war cry sending Daivari on his way.

Main Event: Brian Kendrick Vs. Akira Tozawa

This has been one of the longer feuds I’ve seen in a long time. Both men have given us great story telling along with excellent matches to with it.  Personally, it’s been one of my favorites.

Thus match was no different as Akira takes early control of the match really showing Kendrick that’s he’s been paying attention in class.

Kendrick hasn’t shown his pupil everything, as Brian drives Akira to face first into the announce table. Brian tries to have Tozawa counted out landing Slice Bread #2 on the outside floor.

Tozawa makes it back into the ring at the close count of 9. Kendrick continues his lessons as he grinds the neck and back of Tozawa. Akira refuses to stay down and begins to mount a comeback. Tozawa comes within seconds of winning the match with a Shining Wizard but Kendrick still with a lot of fight left in him kicks out.

Tozawa goes for the finish with his Snap German Suplex, Kendrick fights free taking the Japanese vet down with a Leaping Leg Lariat. Kendrick came close to a win with a Dragon Suplex, as Tozawa rolls free The Man With A Plan transitions into his submission hold Captains Hook.

Brian tries for Slice Bread #2 again, this time Akira had it scouted and counters with a marvelous Suplex of his own.

Tozawa ascends to the top rope ready to find if his foe off once and for all. Kendrick timely moves out-of-the-way and locks in the Captains Hook for the second time. Akira breaks free, Kendrick attempts a third Slice Bread #2, this time Tozawa reverses into a pinning combination for the victory.

Winner via pinfall: Akira Tozawa

Kendrick didn’t take the loss to well attacking Tozawa from behind. Kendrick took the fight the outside floor where Brian takes Tozawa’s body in between the steel stairs and lands a brutal stomp towards the back of Akira’s head. In Kendrick final lesson “Don’t mess with The Brian Kendrick.





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