We Review The Expanse SN02 EP06 – ‘Paradigm Shift’

Is Miller (Thomas Jane) really gone? What’s going to happen after the Eros destruction? Who’s side is Fred Johnson on?

All of these questions loom in the season to come. Get ready for things to change…drastically.

Episode 5 Recap

The fast moving Episode 5 found Holden (Steven Strait) and the crew figuring out a way to deal with Eros Station. They decide something needs to be done. The crew of The Rocinante assists while Miller ends up having to explore Eros deeper and deeper until he finds what he’s been looking for all this time.

“Paradigm Shift”

A little bit of history

Mars: 137 years ago while Mars was still a U.N. colony.

We open with Solomon Epstein, the inventor of the first fusion drive for spaceships.

Somehow this will be important.

Throughout the episode, we see glimpses of the first successful run of his invention. Things are working better than expected, and that actually turns out to be a bad thing.

As Epstein’s trouble grows, he begins to run out of options.

“…the wonderful and terrible thing about technology is that is changes everything.” -Solomon Epstein

Avarasala is on the right trail

While the United Nations council continues to theorize about Eros Station, they’ve also been trying to get in touch with Holden and The Rocinante. The last contact they had was when Holden asked the Council to trust in him to keep Eros from crashing into Earth.

Later, Avarasala meets with an old friend. He’s a scientist who’s developed some alternative theories to the U.N. Council’s theories about Eros. His theories are very close to the truth.

He’s deduced that what’s happening is the first contact with an alien life form, which is a bigger event in human history than the invention of the fusion drive.

Eventually, Avarasala confronts Undersecretary Errinwright (Shawn Doyle) with her knowledge that JP Mao (Francois Chau) is somehow involved with the Eros Station tragedy.

In one of the best-acted scenes of the series to date, Aghdashloo displays her acting chops portraying Avarasala, showing the character’s vindictive side by telling Errinwright to deliver a threat to Mao for her.

Errinwright seems to know well she’s capable of doing everything she’s threatened to do.

Events on and off The Rocinante and Tycho Station

The Rocinante

Holden and Naomi (Dominique Tipper) are enjoying some time alone while trying to piece together the latest events. They still have to deal with Miller’s death, what to do about their sample of the protomolecule, and what the future holds for all of them.

In the meantime, they decide not to keep their relationship a secret anymore.

After spilling their “secret”, Alex (Cas Anvar) presents Holden with another problem: some of the missiles launched by Earth at Eros Station have gone missing.

Tycho Station

When they arrive on Tycho Station, they’re welcomed home as heroes by all but Johnson (Chad L. Coleman), who’s now in trouble with the Mormons over his commandeering of The Nauvoo.

Turns out Johnson also knows where the missing missiles are.

While Amos (Wes Chatham) and Alex unwind, Johnson and Holden size each other up. Neither feels they can trust the other.

Finally, the crew chooses a path to pursue. But we also see they have differing views and a bit of dissent is forming.

Ganymede Agricultural Station

We pick up with Draper (Frankie Adams) and her team now doing recon on Ganymede. They’re there to monitor the U.N. forces who are also on the large moon.

During a communication blackout, Draper and her team are attacked. Unknown to her, the Mars command ship is also destroyed by attackers.

It’s not clear who’s attacking who or who even fired first.

We see the gory details of death in space in the aftermath of the fight on the ground. Draper awakes to see bits of her ship floating in space. As she slowly begins to gather her wits, she’s startled to see some sort of alien creature peering at through the darkened glass of her visor at her…

Another slow and cerebral episode that was touching on boring…until that last scene with Draper hit me. Now I’m effing pumped for episode 6!

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The Good
  • Not many until the last 30 seconds...but you've got to watch all of it to appreciate the ending.
  • MUST SEE ACTING from Shohreh Aghdashloo.
The Bad
  • See above.
3 Fair

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