We Review The Expanse SN02 EP02 – “Doors & Corners”

SyFy and the writers of The Expanse didn’t waste any time pushing the plot forward. For those of you who watched the Season 2 premiere, you know SyFy actually aired Episode 1 and Episode 2 in a back to back 2-hour timeslot with limited commercials…and it was AWESOME! Especially if you’re like me and hate commercials.

On that note, don’t forget you can watch episodes of the show on Amazon, Netflix, and SyFy.com.

Episode 1 Recap.

We spent all of about 30 seconds catching up with Holden, Miller, Naomi, Amos, Alex, and Avarasala and then launched into the plot.

An attempt on Avarasala’s life was made. Later she began to play her mind games with members of the U.N. Council.

The crew of The Rocinante accepted Miller into the family after a tense meeting. While he and Holden recovered from their radiation poisoning they decided on what their next move would be.

Finally, we met the new major character, Bobbie Draper.

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“Doors & Corners”

Events on Earth.

Avarasala (Shohreh Agdashloo) and events on Earth don’t feature too much in this episode. This is actually a bit different from last season’s formula of a slow build up to the action.

The U.N. Council is perplexed by the destruction of Phoebe Station. They’re not sure to take it as a hostile act. Undersecretary Errinwright (Shawn Doyle) is still pushing for hostilities to begin so he suggests a show of force.  Admiral Souther (Martin Roach) is still opposed to hostilities. When it becomes apparent he’s in the minority, he steps down as Fleet Commander of the Earth Navy.

Later, Avarasala meets with the now ex-Fleet Commander. We find out he’s an old friend of Fred Johnson. We also find out a bit more of Johnson’s history. It seems he’s not what viewers and Avarasala have been led to believe.

Tycho Station and Fred Johson

The Rocinante arrives at Tycho Station and the crew immediately meets with Johson. He’s furious and wants to know where they’ve been. Holden, Miller, and Naomi fill him in.

With Johson aware of the Eros Station catastrophe and The Crew’s desire to figure out who’s behind it, they decide to send an assault team to the remote space station that’s been receiving transmissions from Eros Station.

Miller joins the assault team. Amos and Alex explore Tycho Station and are finally able to process the Eros Station event. Holden and Naomi discuss their relationship. Meanwhile, Johnson goes to the OPA to recruit members for the assault team.

While he’s meeting with them, we find out it was the OPA who made the assassination attempt on Avarasala.

The assault and the aftermath.

As I’ve touched on earlier, surprisingly (and satisfyingly) the action takes up the majority of this episode.

The assault team aboard The Guy Molinari approach an unregistered spin station somewhere in The Belt. Expecting resistance, Johson has planned to use The Rocinante as the muscle to ensure the safe landing of the team on the mysterious station.

I’d like to point out once again the innovative way the spaceships are being depicted in this series. If you’re a fan of sci-fi you, too, should be impressed with the realistic way the ships are designed and how they move through space. The show-runners have even agonized over the sounds you would hear inside and outside during a space battle.

Also, notice the awesome sets built for the interiors of the spaceships. They rival any big budget sci-fi movie.

Back to the action. As they approach, The Rocinante breaks off and immediately encounters fire. The assault team suffers heavy casualties but lands. As they explore the station, it’s eerily quiet.

I’ll have to criticize the writers a bit here. Earlier, in the approach to the station, they paint Miller as a weaker member of the assault team, but when they land…he’s all of a sudden in charge? I didn’t follow that chain of events.

Anyway, they encounter a bit of resistance, but nothing major. They finally encounter a group of people hooked to machines as in The Matrix. Eventually, Miller stumbles upon the station’s control room and Dresden. Dresden explains the reasons behind radiating the Eros Station population.

They’ve been studying the protomolecule and have discovered it has the potential to change humanity as we know it. We now understand the motivations behind the madness and why the conspiracies and cover-ups exist.

Johnson quickly realizes the significance of capturing the station and claims it for the OPA. Dresden, not caring who owns the station begs to get back to work, but before he can finish Miller intervenes…to the shock of Holden and Johnson.

Final thoughts.

Unfortunately, this episode’s acting and script were some of the worst of the series…of any series. I hope they improve that soon or the show may start going downhill. I hate to say that, especially after praising the plot development. Hopefully, it’s just this episode.

The SFX continue to impress, though. I also definitely enjoyed having very little commercial interruptions. I hope SyFy incorporates that into more of its programming.

Stay tuned for SN02 EP03 next week.

The Good
  • Lots of action
  • Great SFX
  • Great set detail
The Bad
  • Bad directing
  • Bad script
  • Bad acting
2.8 Mediocre

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