We Review The Expanse SN02 EP04 – ‘Godspeed’

The action is back on as The Crew races to deal with Eros Station before it's too late.

Episode 03 Recap

Episode 03 was slower paced. We got to see the crew deal with the events and the aftermath of the assault during Episode 02. Miller is hated by all but comes up with a plan to deal with Eros Station after exploring Tycho Station on his own. Meanwhile, Fred Johnson and Avarasala enter into a secret exchange of information, endangering both of their lives.

Eventually, we find out there’s still more mystery to the Eros Station tragedy.


A game of wits begins…

From the jump, we get to see another satisfying example of the effort that SyFy is putting into the TV series’ special effects. It’s a shot of one of the abandoned stealth ships; the one Fred Johnson showed to Avarasala. She immediately begins to put two and two together and realizes who’s behind the stealth ship mystery.

After releasing the news of the ship, she meets with Julie Mao’s dad, Jules-Pierre, and Undersecretary Errinwright. Jules-Pierre Mao is being investigated about the stealth ships. He swears he has no idea what’s going on. He blames it all on the OPA.

We can see the game between him and Avarasala has begun, and she’s a formidable opponent. Mao realizes Avarasala knows about him and Errinwright’s involvement.

…and The Crew decides to deal with Eros Station themselves.

Back on Tycho Station, we pick up just after Miller has told Johnson his idea on how to deal with Eros Station. They call Holden in to discuss things with him but he’s still pissed at Miller over the assault mission incident.

With another cool display of SFX, the three eventually realize they need to all work together to deal with Eros Station.

They decide not to waste time or give anyone a chance to land on Eros and accidentally spread the proto-molecule.

We watch with building excitement as The Nauvoo is evacuated before the launch sequence begins. Finally, the burners fire and the massive ship pushes away to start what Miller, Holden, Johnson, and the rest think is the end to the madness.

Things are going smoothly and The Crew seems sure things will work. They prepare for The Nauvoo to collide with Eros Station by sending a team led by Miller to set detonators on all entrances to the station. They don’t want to destroy it a release the proto-molecule into space, they just want to seal it off.


While Miller and team are setting the detonators, Naomi finds a ship docked at Eros Station. Some aid workers are trying to get in to help. Holden orders the aid workers to leave, but as Miller is finishing up he finds one of the aid workers has gotten onto the ship. So the aid workers on the ship know about the virus now.

Holden is now forced to make a fateful decision in order to keep the secret of Eros Station from the rest of the galaxy and to save the rest of the galaxy from the proto-molecule.

During the chaos, Miller ends up trapped. Thinking he’ll die when The Nauvoo collides with Eros, Holden, Naomi, Alex, Amos, and all of us watch helplessly as the giant races towards Miller and Eros. But suddenly, Eros moves on its own…

OH Man! The twists and turns are started to pile up…in a good way. We can see things getting more frantic as they war between worlds is clearly going to happen. This was another well written, well directed, and well acted episode made even better by the quality SFX. Stay tuned for Episode 05 of our favorite TV series because the action is moving quickly now!

The Good
  • Finally events are put in motion
  • we get to see the fruits of the tension build up from episode 03
The Bad
  • UGH!! Need more action!
3.8 Good

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