We Review The Expanse SN02 EP03 – ‘Static’

Dang! I know, I know, I know...I've been taking my sweet time getting our favorite TV series' EP03 review up! I hope you haven't been waiting for me, though! I don't want to keep you waiting any longer so let's review EP 02 and then jump right into "Static"!


Episode 2 Recap

While Mars and the Earth U.N. Council prepare for a possible war, Holden, Miller, Johnson and the rest of the crew prepare for an assault on a remote space station they’ve found to be an important clue in the proto-molecule mystery.

The assault goes well with little casualties until Miller decides to change the course of history on his own.


Draper and the Martians

This episode only checks in with Bobbie Draper and her team. They’re watching news of the assault from Episode 2 and of Earth’s actions. Tensions are running high and Draper pretty much sums up the whole season so far when she says, “War is coming.”.

The impending hostilities have the Mars soldiers in constant training. But with no way to release their anxiety, they begin arguing amongst themselves, causing Draper to have to get tough with them.

After being questioned by her superiors as to why the team is fighting, Draper reiterates her views on going to war with Earth.

The only good outcome from Draper’s POV is that her team continues to train and get better while growing closer in the process.

Avarasala makes moves behind the scenes

Just as in Episode 2, we only check in with Avarasala and the events on Earth briefly. We find her discussing the pending war and strategies. They, too, are tense. They’re also very aware of the Martian soldiers superior skills and training.

Realizing Earth’s best chances lie in not getting into a conflict at all, she decides to hatch a plan to keep from a war with Mars and The Belt. She has her spy find a way to put her in touch with Fred Johnson despite the fact contact with him will be regarded as treasonous by the Earth Government.

Holden and Miller split up

Clearly, the show-runners have decided to center The Expanse TV series around the crew of The Rocinante. Because of this, events involving them take up the bulk of each episode.

They arrive back at Tycho Station after the assault. While Amos, Alex, and Naomi assess the damage to The Rocinante, Johnson deals with the prisoners they’ve captured. The decide to question one of the strangers and he tells them more of the strange details on the proto-molecule. Contrary to what was originally thought, the Eros experiment was not meant to kill all of the station’s inhabitants.

Needless to say, Holden is beside himself with anger over Miller’s cold blooded execution of the proto-molecule expert, Dresden.

Popular sentiment is Miller is no longer wanted on the team. His actions have cause unrest between Holden and Naomi, too.

To cool off, the crew splits up and tries to unwind in their own way. Miller heads to a bar where he catches up with the Belters he met during the lead-up to the assault. After thinking about things, he realizes there’s still more to the Eros tragedy to find out.

As he explores Tycho station he begins to form a plan on how to deal with Eros.

Meanwhile, Amos, Holden, and Johnson decide to use the information from the prisoner to form a plan on dealing with Eros Station themselves. But first, they have to figure out a way to get the seemingly crazy prisoner to agree to work with them.

In his downtime, Johnson receives the message from Avarasala and decides to help her avoid war. He also endangers himself with the OPA for having contact with her as the OPA still has a hit out on Avarasala.

Apparently, Eros isn’t over yet

As the episode ends, we find Alex obsessed with getting better at flying The Rocinante so he can possibly save more lives in the future. We also end with Miller barging into Johnson’s quarters to announce he’s found a way to deal with Eros Station. As he tells his plan we find out why Miller really executed Dresden.

Final Thoughts

This episode slows things down again. As you can tell by my overuse of the word “tension” it’s used to create…say it with me…TENSION, and it does so beautifully. The Expanse writers pace the episodes expertly, which makes the TV show seem to crawl at times. But when the action and plot twists hit, it’s very satisfying to the watcher.

“Static” actually moves the plot forward more than you think at first watch. The acting and script were much better than the previous episode and I expect an explosive Episode 4 due to the gravity of the events in Episode 3.

The Good
  • Added depth to the main characters
  • moved the story along
  • gave us more insight into the reasons for past events
  • hints at another big event in the near future
The Bad
  • not many as this was a well thought out and solid episode.
4 Great

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