We Review the Latest Episode of Schitt’s Creek SN03 EP11 – “Stop Saying Lice”

***Spoiler Alert***

Ok so I was a bit slow on this one sorry!  So in this episode Alexis (Annie Murphy) has head lice! Yes, finally a reason for her hands to constantly be up in the air!  Just thinking about it now makes my head itch!  Alexis’s infestation stirs up the family each for their own reasons as always.  Johnny (Eugene Levy)  tries to quickly change all the sheets, even in rooms with guests offering a complimentary second sheet change trying to avoid telling them they may get lice from the ones they currently have and as always fails  miserably.

Moira (Catherine O’Hara) gets a double blow first having Roland and the town council offer to build a garden in her honor, which she declines not wanting her name on anything in the town.  When she gets back to the hotel she learns that the Moira Rose Play House is now named after a volunteer usher whom died last year.  This is a blow to her ego, one that she discovers Johnny was trying to cover up with the garden!  Thinking life couldn’t get worse Johnny then tells her Alexis has lice!  Now she’s worried for her wigs!

David (Dan Levy) freaks putting on a shower cap and beanie to protect himself.  He also invites himself over to Stevie’s (Emily Hampshire) for a platonic sleepover to avoid getting the bugs!  He also gets an offer from his business partner Patrick (Noah Reid).  Stevie is absolutely right as she points out to David that Patrick is indeed a very eligible bachelor, someone with their shit together.  She’s made it pretty clear she finds Patrick attractive but it appears maybe Patrick has thing for David? I don’t know!  Stevie’s sexuality is clear she likes men. David well his is all over the board but that is standard for him, he loves everyone.  So Stevie is straight, David is pansexual but Patrick he is a mystery…

At their platonic sleep over Stevie busts David’s balls about Patrick.  Part of me still wants to see these two together but watching her give David a hard time and get him all flustered over Patrick or whatever it is that episode is priceless!  Why aren’t you at Patrick’s David?  What are you so afraid of?  I am dying to know if Patrick like-like’s David…and there’s only two episodes to go!

With her family preoccupied with their own issues Alexis once again turns to Ted (Dustin Milligan). I’d like to act like I’m surprised but who else could she turn to?  Answer is no one so Alexis takes her itchy head to Ted who combs her out.

Ted is nice, safe, reliable…everything a girl should want but he’s also like the only dude in town  right now!  Him and Patrick…What’s up with that?  Where did Mutt (Tim Rozon) go?

Our episode ends with the family standing in front of Moira’s new garden.  “The Moira’s Rose’s Garden 4856”  What’s the 4856?  That’s the last four digits of Johnny’s credit card.  Why are there so many apostrophe’s?  Well Johnny got a bit tongue tied placing the order…hard to imagine right? LOL!  Alexis let’s hope for everyone’s sake none of you have to be buried there when you die.

Hey there Mutt…Miss ya!


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