We Review Hugh Jackman’s Latest Wolverine Movie ‘Logan’

If you are one of those people who gets squeamish from the sight of blood, people getting their heads cut off or being impaled by sharp objects, especially in their eyes, then this movie is not for you. But if those things don’t bother you then I suggest you watch the Logan movie.

(Warning, there may be a couple of spoilers here, so if you don’t care, keep reading, but if you don’t like any spoilers to movies then I suggest you stop reading now. Oh and I won’t give away the ending so no worries there.)

Now I know, as far as Wolverine goes, Fox had dragged the story into the ground, but the Logan movie is by far the best one yet. It definitely has a western meets sci-fi feel to it, which was quite popular with the series Firefly. And the story of him in his golden age is very well written. Their ideas of what it would be like for Wolverine to be an “old man” was pretty spot on, complete with “arthritis” effects in the claws and the slower healing ability. Though from the story line, it is not just old age that is causing his body to malfunction, but from the adamanthium that his inner skeleton is incased in that is poisoning his body. So sad..


Then you have the return of Professor X, Charles Xavier, as an old, old, old man going through what seems to be dementia and the worse seizures I have ever seen in my career. The kind that not only hurt him but those around him in a 50-mile radius. And the writer decided that our professor should have a potty mouth now that the movie is officially rated R. Let alone his personality as an older man has some comic relief going on which was kind of a nice change. The poor senile professor X really makes your heart leak with sensations of wanting to take that sweet old man and put him in your pocket for protection.


Then you have Laura (Dafne Keen), Logan’s daughter… in a sense…. Not that he knocked someone up type thing, unfortunately, but she to was created like Wolverine was, in a lab and injected with adamanthium as well. But she was also created out of Logans DNA, which is why Logan is considered to be her Daddy. And like big papa, she has a temper on her, jeez. That girl is someone you do not want to try and send to her room without dessert, she may decide that her bed no longer needs a frame or that her dolls are better without their heads or stuffing…


This movie is still basically all about Wolverine with only a few other mutants such as his daughter, the Professor, and Caliban, also known as the Tracker who is played by Steven Merchant (The Tooth Fairy) and is kind of an important role in the movie. He is shaking up with Logan and Charles for a time before all hell breaks lose and the movie picks up. His ability to track other mutants makes him an important role in this movie, but his pasty, white delicate skin is a big set back for this poor fella as they live in the middle of the desert far away from civilization.

The Bad Guys:

As with all X-Men and Wolverine movies, there needs to be a bad guy, and in this one, it’s the same corporation that turned Logan into the man we have today. The son of the guy who created the adamanthium and placed it into Wolverine is the one who is responsible for whipping out the mutants and creating his own. He is Doctor Xander Rice, the creator of X24 (Laura) and the other mutant children we meet in the movie. He has a team of one-armed dudes who go out to catch the escaped little mutants. The main one-armed man is named Donald Pierce, and he is a big douche bag. I mean come one, who goes after innocent children? Who cares if they can freeze your body or electrocute you or rip you in half, doesn’t mean you need to send a whole team after them.

As I mentioned above, Logan was a really well written final chapter to the Wolverine franchise. I feel they closed off all loose ends and gave him a proper end to a long, drawn out storyline. They don’t really leave anything open for a possible spin-off with Logan’s daughter, but that doesn’t mean they won’t consider it… While watching the movie I did give out a little squeal due to them mentioning my state of origin. During a scene where Logan, the Professor, and Laura are sitting down to a nice dinner with a friendly family, they are asked where they are going, to which both the Professor and Logan reply “Oregon” “North Dakota”… And if you don’t know, I am from Oregon so that made me smile a little. Now when you see it and have read my article first, you will think of me when this part is on the screen. ^_^

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