We Review Elementary SN5 EP10 – ‘Pick Your Poison’

Sunday night’s episode of Elementary was the last episode for 2016, this week Holmes and Watson are on the case to find out and locate the person who stole Watson’s medical license to see prescriptions. Ok let’s refresh with a quick recap of episode 9

SN05 EP09 – ‘It’s Serves You Right to Suffer’

Shinwell finds himself framed for a gang killing, and Holmes and Watson only have 3 days to find the real murderer before Shinwells is arrested and sent back to jail.

SN05 EP10 – ‘Pick Your Poison’

Shinwell (Nelsan Ellis) restores what he thinks is an old chess table for Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) and Watson (Lucy Liu) as a thank you, but in fact, it is a piece of evidence from a cold case sherlock is working on. Holme is pissed to find out that Shinwell is still planning on working as an informant and nor do Holmes think Shinwell is up to the task.  A man overdosing on prescription opioids leads Detective Bell (Jon Michael Hill) to discover that Watson’s medical licence is being used to write prescriptions for opioids. Captain Gregson (Adin Quinn) pulls a favour to meet with the DEA Agent in charge of the case however he doesn’t seem convinced that this is a case of identity theft. Leaving Holmes and Watson to find out who has been using Watson’s medical licence. Watson visits the pharmacy where the overdose victim filled his prescription, after looking at the handwritten prescription she notices a clue and figures out that the information was stolen from when she worked at Corona General Hospital. Holmes finds three more doctors that have also had their identities stolen too. Bell is able to to get a photo of the woman using the identities by canvassing the P.O boxes that were registered in the doctor’s names. The Woman is Dr Fanny Krieg, Watson knew of her from when she worked at Corona General. Holmes meets the detective who’s planning on making Shinwell his informant and tells him not too.

Holmes and Watson head to Dr Krieg’s office, but when they arrive the find an empty office. Holmes can smell gunpowder perhaps an hour old, so the pair searches the office and that’s when they find Dr Krieg and another woman’s dead bodies with gun wounds. They discover that the illegal prescriptions pads missing. Leading them to believe that Krieg was the target and Marla Moore, the second victim, was purely collateral damage. While Holmes has Shinwell followed to see how long it take him to figure it out. Bell and Watson interview Mrs Moore’s son and husband, informing them that, they believe that Marla wasn’t the intended target. Marla was the primary caregiver for her son Ethan, who suffers from a non-specific autoimmune disease that doctors have not been able to pin down a firm diagnosis as his symptoms don’t add up to one particular autoimmune disease. Shinwell is less than happy when he finds out what Holmes had him followed, but even after everything Holmes has done for him, Shinwell becomes an informant anyway.

They get a lead from an attempted mugging that occurred 2 years ago. The bullet pulled from Dr Krieg and Mrs Moore matched the bullet pulled from the mugging victim. But it turns out the mugging victim wasn’t really a mugging victim at all, he was attempting to carjack someone and got shot in the process. It turns out that Patrick Moore was the man that shot the carjacker, he didn’t report it to the police when it happened, because he was with the woman he was haveing an affair with, but he swears black and blue that he didn’t kill his estranged wife. Watson pays Ethan a visit to ask him about this father, but the boy also swears black and blue that this father didn’t kill his mother. Patrick’ Moore’s alibi for the murders checks out so it’s back to the drawing board. Watson looks over the phone and email records of Mrs Moore and what she finds cracks the case wide open. It turns out Mrs Moore was the one making her son sick and had been doing so for years. Dr Krieg found out and informed Ethan of what his mother was doing to him.  Ethan, helped by a junkie he met at Dr Krieg’s office, shot and killed both his mother and Dr Krieg. Homles realising that he’s not going to get his way offers to train Shinwell on how to be a good informant for both him and Watson and the Police.

Elementary will return on 8th January 2017 on CBS

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