We Review Archer’s Dreamland SN8 EP02 – “Berenice”

Sterling Archer (H.Jon Benjamin) the world’s most dangerous spy and private investigator.  What can we expect from this week’s episode?  Drinking, womanizing, more drinking, a slight case of tinnitus and of course phrasing!  Lots of phrasing!  Let’s go ahead and enter the DANGER ZONE that is Archer’s Dreamland!

Warning there will be ***Spoilers***!!!

A quick recap of from episode one…Woodhouse (George Coe) is dead, Archer is in a coma and we are watching the show from inside his head.  Archer is on the search for his partner Woodhouse’s murderer, he rescues a truck load of Chinese sex slaves from Len Trexler and winds up under Mother’s (Malory) (Jessica  Walter) thumb.  We also learn that Cyril Figgis (Chris Parnell), who is going by just Figgis is a dirty cop working for Len Trexler (Jeffrey Tambor) and of course don’t forget Cheryl (Judy Greer) who is going by Charlotte asked Archer to murder her!

Ok so it turns out to not be quite that exciting.  Charlotte wants him to help fake her murder so she can escape her narcissistic, quasi incestuous, megalomaniac family…hmmm talk about the pot calling the kettle black.  Of course she just happens to have the dead body of the maid her brother had knocked up in her trunk.  No she didn’t kill the maid the abortion doctor did, isn’t that lovely?  I guess an abortion in 1927 would be rather, well let’s just leave that one alone.

Krieger’s (Lucky Yates) bar keep/still mad scientist and oh yes he was also Woodhouse’s heroin supplier character is hired by Len Trexler to give Dutch Dylan his legs feet back.  (Here we go, cyborg Barry (Dave Willis) all over again!)

Archer and Charlotte bone.  I think that means he’s boned all her personalities but Charlene, please correct me if I’m wrong there.  She also gives us clue #2 towards solving Woodhouse’s murder when she asks Archer who would know he would be out of his office that night?  The other hilarious thing she does get Archer to admit his crush on Lana (Aisha Tyler) only to then announce across the lounge of Dreamland that she and Archer fucked all so Lana could hear!  Still crazy AF! LMAO!  Of course this all takes place as Archer’s trying to help Charlotte fake her own death by disposing of her maids dead body dressed as her.  Charlotte is holding the gas and Archer is holding the painted corpse when they are caught by Pam (Amber Nash) and Figgis.  

What’s going to happen to Archer now? And I wonder what’s going to happen when Figgis realizes the Chinese whore’s Trexler just might kill him over if he doesn’t find soon, are hiding out at his partner’s house?  This season is looking up and the story line is fun but ultimately aren’t we just waiting for Archer to wake up…

The phrasing of the week comes from Len Trexler “Those asshole’s were taking my load!”  If you want to know the context tune in to FXX or you can find the current episode’s on Amazon Prime!


The Good
  • Interesting new story line
  • great phrasing
The Bad
  • the story line is all in Archer's head
4 Great

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