We Review Archer’s Dreamland SN08 EP03 – ‘Jane Doe’

Sterling Archer (H.Jon Benjamin) the world’s most dangerous spy is in a coma searching for his partner’s killer in Dreamland!  Don’t worry the gangs all there playing out character’s in Archer’s head and since we are in Archer’s head we are most definitely still doing phrasing!  Welcome to the DANGER ZONE!  (Remember when he got Kenny Loggins to sing at Lana’s (Aisha Tylerbaby shower?  Oh the good ol’days!)

Warning there will be ***Spoilers***!!!

A quick recap of Episode 2: Archer continues his search for Woodhouse’s (George Coe) killer.  Figgis (Chris Parnell) and Pam who’s now just going by just her last name as well Poovey (Amber Nash) were given one week to return the Chinese sex slaves to Len Trexler (Jeffrey Tambor), they also bust Archer and Charlotte (Judy Greer) trying to dispose of a dead maids body!  

Archer and Charlotte end up in jail, and Charlotte is booked as a Jane Doe and put in solitary. Figgis was almost genius here offering Charlotte up to Len Trexler to attempt to atone for losing the Chinese whore’s (who are still at Poovey’s house.)  Too bad Archer has an escape plan and since it’s Archer’s plan we can count on it working.  This plan springs into action when the Dreamland band is tossed in the cell with Archer. Ray (Adam Reed) is finally given more than one line, and he’s also socked in the stomach by Archer!  Poor Ray never gets a break on this show!

Charlotte goes crazy in solitary, not that she was sane before, but when Archer and the Dreamland band breaks her out of solitary, he finds her screaming, pulling her hair and going on about her years in jail.  It’s been about 30 minutes, less than that for us viewers! Lol!  Poovey attempts to stop them and damn near does.  She kicks the crap out of them in typical Pam fight club style but winds up handcuffed to a pipe by Archer with Charlotte panting next to her like a horny dog.


Out of jail Archer and Charlotte find themselves in more trouble standing in Mother’s (Jessica  Walter) office.  The episode ends with Mother demanding to speak with Mr. Vandertunt, or she’d start sending him pieces of his daughter, of Charlotte, to him in the mail.  Geez!  Someone get Charlotte a pair of clean panties already!  This episode has been a violent wet dream for her.

This week’s clue to Woodhouse’s death wasn’t as clear, it was more a statement Figgis made that makes ya go hmmmmmm…After Archer escapes Figgis threatens Poovey who’s still cuffed to the pipe.  He tells her Archer needs to eat lead just like his partner.  True they were the detectives on the case, so they know how Woodhouse died but there was something in how he said it, almost like “Poovey you need to put lead in Archer like you put lead in Woodhouse.”  I don’t know maybe it was just me.  Would be nice if we could find out who has the envelope or even just what’s in the envelope!

Tune in Wednesday night on FXX to find out what happens next in Archer’s Dreamland!

The Good
  • It's always fun to watch Pam kick some ass and Cheryl get oddly turned on by it.
The Bad
  • We aren't any closer to learning who tossed Archer's office and stole the envelope.
4 Great

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