We Recap Last Night’s Episode Of NXT 5/3: Hideo Itami In Action Women’s #1 Contender Battle Royal

With TakeOver: Chicago just two weeks away, there’s a few questions that need to be answered. Who will face Asuka for her NXT Women’s Title? Will Hideo Itami have ring rust after another lengthy layoff? Can Bobby Roode escape the fate of defending his title against Itami in Chi-Town?

These questions and a look at Part 2 of The Life Of Roderick Strong plus some in ring action here on NXT.

Opening Match: Killian Dain Vs. Danny Burch

Haven’t seen a lot of Killian Dain in singles action, but we’ve definitely witnessed what he is capable of doing the deeds of SAnitY leader Eric Young. Danny Burch, on the other hand, is looking to redeem himself from his narrow defeat at the hands of Andrade “Cien” Almas.

Photo courtesy of WWE.COM

Danny put his best foot forward, relying on his boxing background to stun Dain, but The Beast From Belfast size, speed and sheer veracity were too much for the London native. Dain, after a Senton Splash went for the finish with Ulster Plantation, the referee could have given a lecture on quantum physics as Dain gets the 1,2,3 over Burch.

Killian Dain standing over Danny Burch.

Winner via pinfall: Killian Dain

Tag Team Match: Heavy Machinery Vs. Ricardo Watts & Hector Kunsman

This was a true definition of a squash match. Dain and Burch, more of an enhancement match. Ricardo Watts and Hector Kunsman had a snow balls change in lava to even make Heavy Machinery break a sweat. Knight and Dozovic make very easy work of their smaller foes for an early victory.

Photo courtesy of WWE.COM

It was after the match that had me invested in this huge tag team. Knight and Dozovic are tired of small “appetizers” and are ready for the main course. There not talking of Rice and Chicken, they want T-Bones and Loaded Mash Potatoes.

Heavy Machinery wants a shot at the NXT Tag Team Titles.

Heavy Machinery wants the Champs the Authors Of Pain.


– Backstage, NXT Champion Bobby Roode is seen giving a few pointers to Kona Reeves in preparation for his match against Hideo Itami.

– Backstage, #DIY was asked on their thoughts of the #1 contenders claim made by Heavy Machinery. #DIY admire Knight and Dozovic ability to rhyme, their size and abilities but, the line for the NXT Tag Team Titles starts behind #DIY.

Singles Match: Kona Revees Vs. Hideo Itami

Earlier in the program, we saw Roode giving some points to Reeves. Kona came into tears ring with a fire in his eyes that burned a whole lot hotter than last week against Aleister Black. Kona took that fire and quickly attacked Itami from behind.

The referee breaks it up, and the official bell rings. Kona at the bell charges for Itami again, but the veteran sees it coming and moves out-of-the-way. Reeves uses his size and aggression to take over the match. Kona has full control of Hideo but makes the one mistake of disrespectfully taunting Itami.

Hideo rises to his feet and slaps the taste out of Kona’s mouth. Itami follows up with a series of speedy strikes.

Hideo I Tami (right) lands a spin kick to the body of Kona Reeves (left.)

Kona slides himself to the corner, but Itami wastes no time landing a Basement Dropkick. Itami quickly picks up the lifeless Reeves and delivers the GTS for the win. It looks like Roode’s advice was no help to the Hawaiian as Hideo looks prone and ready to face Roode for the title.

Photo courtesy of WWE.COM

Winner via pinfall: Hideo Itami

– Vinyet dedicated to the return of Drew McIntyre.

The Life Of Roderick Strong Part 2; we get a look at Strong’s home with fiancée MMA fighter and friend of Ronda Rousey Maria Shafir.

Strong (right) with Shafir (left) hold their new born baby.

The couple was preparing their home for their baby on the way. Moving forward to see Strong’s life in the Indy scene growing as a wrestler making a name for himself.

After 13 years with ROH, Strong received a call from WWE to join NXT.

Strong immediately said yes knowing that this was his chance at the big time. Roderick is on a quest not only to make an impact but become NXT World Champion.

– Backstage, NXT GM William Regal alongside Bobby Roode was taking a personal interest in Roderick Strong’s story. Well at least one of them was, as Roode was more focused on his phone then the next possible threat to his title.

Roode gets Regal’s attention and persuades the GM that Hideo Itami should earn an opportunity at the NXT Title. Regal agrees with the champ and makes a match for next week, Hideo Itami against Roderick Strong to see who faces Roode at TakeOver: Chicago.

Regal excuses Bobby out of his office to bring in his next appointment. Roode exits as Roderick enters and the two give an intense stare down.

Main Event NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contender Battle Royal:

Photo courtesy of WWE.COM

1. Victoria: eliminated by Iconic Duo

2. Bianca Blair: eliminated by Iconic Duo

3. Rachel Evers: eliminated by Aliyah

4. Sonya Deville: eliminated by Iconic Duo

5. Lacey Evans: eliminated by Iconic Duo

6. Sarah Bridges: eliminated by Liv Morgan

7. Kimberly: eliminated by Ruby Riot

Lacey Evens (left) tries to eliminate Aliyah (right.)

8. Candice: eliminated by Billie Kay

9. Aliyah: eliminated by Nikki Cross

10. Liv Morgan: eliminated by Nikki Cross

11. Billie Kay: eliminated by Ember Moon

12. Peyton Royce: eliminated by Ember Moon

It was down to the final three, as Asuka decides to make her presence known by interfering in the match. The referee immediately calls for the bell as Asuka launched Ember Moon clear out of the ring with Moon crashing head first in terms guard rail. Asuka continued her onslaught on the rest of the competitors.

Asuka reveling in taking out her adversaries.

Leaving no #1 contender to face her at TakeOver: Chicago. I smelled a fatal four way coming on. As soon as the thought entered my mind out cones William Regal to confirm it. Asuka will defend her title against Ruby Riot, Nikki Cross and Ember Moon in a Fatal-4Way in Chicago.

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