We Look at WWE Potentially Buying Out Ring of Honor

Wrestling fans! Sunny reporting today and We’ve got some pretty big news here. We have reports that Vince McMahon is looking to buy out Ring of Honor according to WrestleZone and many other sources. Now, we all know of Vince’s attempt to buy out TNA in the previous year and we all know how Vince feels about competition so that can only mean ROH is starting to worry him when it comes to ratings. One of the bigger issues with the buyout is the whole PG era vs. how the ROH roster cuts promos and how the ROH wrestlers handle in ring wrestling. I mean in the previous PPV they had Beretta take a super kick to the face while his mouth was full of thumb tacks. I don’t necessarily think that will slide in the PG squared circle.

Hardys, Young Bucks, Roppongi Vice

Anyways, multiple sources say the talks between WWE and Sinclair Broadcast group have been in fruition since January and has been slowly progressing. Vince plans on a full takeover having a weekly showing on the WWE Network. According to The Observer, the WWE is definitely after the extensive video library ROH has to offer including videos of WWE superstars AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens as Kevin Steen, Seth Rollins as Tyler Black and many more legendary talents such as CM Punk and Daniel Bryan as Bryan Danielson.

CM Punk vs Bryan Danielson

Many fans believe that top talents in the roster of ROH today may not find a place in the WWE Roster. WWE does have many opportunities for their stars to progress with multi-platform shows being Monday night Raw, Smackdown LIVE, NXT, 205 Live and the upcoming U.K show there still might not be enough room for the full ROH roster. One division that can greatly benefit from ROH talent is no doubt, the tag team division. Ring of Honor’s Bucks of Youth and the Briscoe Brothers hold enough talent and charisma to carry the tag team divisions on both respective brands and absolutely deserve roster spots on the main shows of RAW and Smackdown Live. You have to also wonder what will happen to ROH World Champion Christopher Daniels, ROH Television Champion Marty Scurlland ROH Tag Team Champions Matt & Jeff Hardy.  With recent rumors regarding the Hardys and a WWE contract, it seems like it shouldn’t be an issue for those two to make noise in the WWE, especially given the fact that they are a WWE product, but for the other champions, you have to wonder will they get lost in the shuffle?

Briscoe Brothers, Jay Lethal, Hangman Page, Cody Rhodes, Frankie Kazarian

What do you guys think? Will ROH pull the trigger? Do you guys want to see a complete buyout? Let us know in the comment section below, subscribe for the latest news and updates and don’t forget to give the article a share!

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