We Look at the Gorillaz 10 Episode TV Show

Gorillaz fans, rejoice, as we are finally going to be treated to a special 10 episode series revolving around our favorite 4 man animated band. Now I’ve always wanted to see 2D, Noodle, Murdoc and Russel in some type of TV show as they already contain so much personality through their music and animated videos. Many also requested a movie to be made in the band’s honor. Dreamworks were to help with creating this movie as it is rumored on Q Magazine‘s interview with Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett though this never fell through as the content was considered too “dark” to spend a bunch of mula on. The interview also revealed the production for the 10 episode series is underway.

Russel, Noodle, 2D, Murdoc

The interview also sheds some light on fellow musicians who reportedly declined Albarn’s request to collaborate on the upcoming album, Humanz, which is set to release on April 28th. Artists, Sade and Morrissey both declined Albarn’s request which he openly states how he doesn’t take rejection personally, and Dione Warwick reportedly declined the request because the Gorillaz lyrics conflicted with her religious beliefs.

Russel, Murdoc, 2D, Noodle

A quote from Hewlett also reveals the true meaning behind the Humanz album.

“Humanz is not a political statement about Trump—it’s about a world in which he could get elected. Where are we as a race? Why haven’t we grown out of this? Putting the Z on the end is not a hip-hop statement, it’s more like an android Z. Are we human beings or just humanz? What the **** is wrong with us?”

Albarn continues to tell us that he has about 40-45 Gorillaz songs in the works as he is going through each individual songs, tweaking and finishing songs here and there. Seems like Albarn and Hewlett have a lot more to offer in the Gorillaz franchise, and it is absolutely great to hear from them after a 7-year drought. Are you guys as excited as I am to see the 10 episode series? Let us know in the comment section below, subscribe to PCPB and don’t forget to give the article a share!

Check out the Tracklist to Humanz HERE!

Check out Damon Albarn’s interview with BBC Radio regarding the return of the Gorillaz.

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