We Look at TBS Televised Celebrity Street Fighter Tournament ft. Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille O’Neal

Hello, again my fellow video game enthusiasts. Today we’re taking a look at TBS and the Celebrity Street Fighter V Tournament featuring many big names varying from NBA legends, musical artists, NFL players and WWE wrestlers. This will be the first time TBS’ Eleague will be featuring celebrity guests to duke it out and see who comes out on top of the legendary fighting game Street Fighter for a $45,000 pot that will be donated to a charity of their choice. Amongst the list of celebrities who will be busting out their fight sticks so far will be the following,

Lupe Fiasco, Shaquille O’Neal, Eva Marie, Reggie Bush

These are the only four participants that we are informed of as of now and it doesn’t look like any more celebrities will be joining, though I think it’s safe to say Lupe Fiasco is the top dog in the group so far as Lupe went up against notable Street Fighter expert of many years, Daigo Umehara in an exhibition match for the game’s release. Lupe used Ken and Daigo used Ryu in a classic match up, Lupe actually took the 1st and 4th game while Daigo won the 2nd and 3rd game. The two went into the last round and in a climactic finish, Lupe ended up trumping the legendary Daigo and took the win home. Lupe in an emotional victory speech stated that beating Daigo was a “bucket list” thing and he’d be retiring from competitive gaming while he was ahead, he joked.

Who do you think is going to take the win? Will Lupe’s pedigree and experience be enough for him to beat out Shaq, Eva, and Reggie? Let us know below! Don’t forget to Subscribe to Pop Culture Pipe Bomb if you haven’t yet and don’t forget to give the article a share! Keep on gaming, friends!

Check out Lupe Fiasco vs. Daigo Umehara below!

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