We Look at Stephen King’s IT Teaser, Poster, and Stills!

Hello my fellow horror movie film enthusiasts, Sunny here and I’ve got a treat for you guys today! We get an early look at some stills, release poster and the first teaser trailer from Warner Bros, PicturesNow, we can confirm Allegiant star Bill Skarsgard will be playing the original antagonist Pennywise the Dancing Clown of Stephen King’s 1986 horror novel, IT, despite early 2015 rumors to have Will Poulter from We Are the Millers, play the part. We also have leaked images indicating Stranger Thing‘s star Michael Wheeler, played by the young and talented Finn Wolfhard will also be playing a part in the movie alongside other young up and coming actors like Wyatt Oleff who played a young Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy 2014 and Nicholas Hamilton who played Rellion in 2016’s Captain Fantastic.

Finn Wolfhard as Richie Tozier

It looks like we’ll be seeing the rebirth of Pennywise on September 8, 2017. Directing the movie is horror movie extraordinaire Andres Muschietti, notable for 2013 psychological horror film Mama where he will be reunited with the likes of Javier Botet and young actress Megan Charpentier who also played major parts in the earlier film Mama. Based on his work on the earlier psychological thrilling horror movie, he seems to fit the part to execute a new IT movie given the talented roster he has with both the cast and crew containing notable names in the film industry.

Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise

The trailer begins with a young boy who’s playing in the rain in his yellow rain coat with a folded paper boat. He sets the boat on a stream of water in the neighborhood as it floats along the current into a water drain where he tries to recover the lost boat and encounters our very creepy antagonist clown Pennywise. Children of the city of Derry, Maine have gone missing, causing the children to wonder where their friends have gone. After going into an investigation, the children find themselves in a horrific escapade to save themselves from the terrifying demonic clown Pennywise. For more stills and images go ahead and click on the link right HERE

Check out the official trailer here!

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