We Look at More Injustice 2 Trailers! Customization and The Flash Preview

Hello gamers, Sunny here with more Injustice 2 previews! We’ll be treated to two new YouTube videos giving us more insight in the upcoming DC Comics fighting game produced by NetherRealm. Not only do we get to enjoy some gameplay footage and a new finisher preview for the Flash, we also learn that Injustice 2 will have fighter customization! This should give us gamers more flexibility and freedom to make our favorite characters stick out a little more. Now during mirror matches, we aren’t stuck watching 2 of the same looking characters fight each other, I don’t know how many times I ran into a Doomsday vs. Doomsday match during the first Injustice online fighting. The video also confirms that Captain Cold‘s premier skin will be no other than one of Batman‘s nemesis, Mr. Freeze. Anyways, check out the latest video below from the official Injustice 2 YouTube channel released on April 11, 2017.

Pretty neat huh!? I know I can’t wait to start customizing my favorite DC characters. Speaking of favorite DC characters, the Flash also has a trailer showing some in-game combos and some newly added moves to his arsenal. The video shows a lot of juggling combos which is expected. Flash disappears from the screen to hit the opponent from various angles furthering his juggling combos and making him that much of a character. We also see a series of moves that parry his opponents, break the frame, and counters them for him to begin another combo. I think it’s safe to say I’ll be spending my time trying to master the Flash as I’m fully interested in juggling, parrying, and combo-ing my opponents. The video also shows the Flash’s new finishing super move where he sends himself and Gorilla Grodd into a time traveling warp beating Grodd in different timelines and universes. He returns to the present where he’s met with a Flash and Grodd from another dimension as they clash them together to finish the super move. Check it out below!

Who’s excited to fight against other players to see who is truly the best of the DC universe? Which DC hero or villain is your favorite and which character are you looking forward to customizing? Let us know in the comment section below, subscribe for the latest Pop Culture news and don’t forget to give the article a share!

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