We Look at Josh Boone’s ‘New Mutants’ Pre-Production

Hey, there fellow geeks and weebs, Sunny here and we’re going into the pre-production for Josh Boone‘s New Mutants which is set to hit theaters early next year. It looks like Fox has many more X-Men related films in the works as New Mutants is due to release before the long awaited ‘Gambit‘ which will be starring Channing Tatum, as well as ‘X-Force’ with guest star and fan favorite Deadpool played by Ryan Reynolds. We will be seeing the graduated mutants from Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters such as Warlock, Cannonball, Magik, Sunspot, Wolfsbane, and Mirage as the group of mutants we will be following in the newest X-Men film which is rumored to begin filming in May of 2017 with chances of James McAvoy to play Professor Xavier once again, though this is not confirmed, seeing a familiar face should help with the familiarity of the film, plus who wants yet another new actor to play Xavier, a little consistency never hurt anyone. Rumors stating Anya Taylor- Joy is interested in playing Magik stating she has always been a fan of the young “troubled” group of mutants as well as ‘Game of Thrones’ star Maisie Williams to play Wolfsbane. Boone is also interested in bringing in Nat Wolff to play Cannonball reuniting with the young actor since working with him in 2014’s ‘The Fault in Our Stars‘.

Magik and the New Mutants

The confirmation behind the production for the film was in the form of an Instagram post on April 5th showing Josh Boone celebrating his birthday with a cake with “New Mutants” written in the classic X-Men blue and yellow font as well as another photo with a bunch of hashtags further confirming the movie being made. I personally feel just as excited as Josh is, with the chance to see how they execute the younger group of X-Men. One question that comes to mind is, will they be showing my personal favorite new mutant, Dani Moonstar? And who will the New Mutants be feuding with in this movie? I would love to see the clash between the New Mutants vs. the Hellions, apprentices of the Hellfire Club ran by leader Emma Frost the White Queen.

Josh Boone’s Birthday Cake

Are you guys excited for an extended X-Men universe from 20th Century Fox? I mean with the excellent execution of the most recent film ‘Logan’ starring Hugh Jackman as well as the box office hit, Deadpool, you have to wonder if Fox is finally on track with the X-Men franchise and with the looks of it, there will be plenty of more movies to enjoy in the near future.

Not familiar with the New Mutants? No problem! Check out IGN‘s video on a quick summary here!


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