We Look at John Cena Inducting Kurt Angle Into the WWE’s Hall of Fame 2017.

Hello, again my fellow wrestling fans! Sunny from PCPB here, today we’re going to take a look at the current WWE Hall of Fame inductee, Kurt Angle and the man to induct him, John Cena.

This duo here goes way back, as John Cena debuted against Kurt Angle in his very first match on Smack Down June 27, 2002. Ah, it seems like just yesterday when an unknown Cena jumped into the ring after Kurt Angle cuts a promo with Vince McMahon. Vince gives Kurt a huge introduction, talking up his gold medal and how he made Hulk Hogan tap to the Angle Lock at WWE’s very last King of the Ring tournament in 2002. Kurt’s music goes off as the crowd chant’s “YOU SUCK!” while Kurt makes his way to the ring with a wrestling head strap and his infamous wig.

This was the day Kurt began to lose the wig gimmick. Kurt then continues his amazing heel promo, not stuttering a word despite the very intense, very loud crowd. Stating he’s on a roll and how he is the king of Ruthless Aggression, Kurt issues an open challenge to anyone in the locker room.


Some generic WWE music goes off, a young Cena makes his way to the ring in red tights and boots, looking nothing like early ‘thugonomics’ or ‘never give up’ Cena.

Kurt, discrediting the rookie, asks why he thinks he deserves to face the best of the best. Cena then gets closer to Angle and replies “RUTHLESS AGGRESSION” and the match starts.

A high energy Cena delivers multiple clotheslines, Angle get’s Cena in the Angle Lock for a short period as Cena counters. Kurt hits Cena with a couple german suplexes, as he takes the advantage.  Kurt then hits Cena with a double shoulder roll over pin-up to take the win. Little did we know, this match was the passing of the torch from one of Vince’s show boys to the next in line.

John Cena and Kurt Angle

In the midst of the John Cena debut, Kurt was being booked against the WWE’s top talent in 2002, a triple threat match with the Undertaker and the Rock for the WWE Undisputed Championship at Vengeance, opening Summerslam with Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit at Unforgiven and many more that year which can all be watched on WWE Network.

Kurt and John then go one to continue this rivalry with rap battles, (very cringe-worthy rap battles but comedic nonetheless) promos and PPV matches dating a very long rivalry that goes on for multiple years.

Kurt Angle Olympic Wrestler

Kurt Angle is now being inducted into the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame.

Looking back at how amazing Kurt was for the WWE, whether it was his ring work, putting others over, or his hilarious promotions, he 100% absolutely deserves to put his name amongst the greatest of wrestlers in WWE history.

Cheers, Kurt! To a new milestone and to many more years of legendary work to be done.

Check out this exclusive interview with Kurt on how he feels on the induction.

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