We Look at Aj Styles Being Traded to RAW

Hey, wrestling fans! Sunny here, and we’re going to go over the rumors of the “Phenomenal One” AJ Styles being traded to Monday night RAW. We also cover Roman Reigns being traded to RAW, check it out by clicking HERE! Styles is currently clashing with Smackdown Live‘s GM Shane McMahon, setting up yet another Wrestlemania opportunity for Shan-o-mac. On the most recent Smackdown Live episode March 14, 2017, Styles did not agree with the opportunities he was given to win back the WWE World Heavyweight title back from Bray Wyatt after it was taken from him at Elimination Chamber. Styles was found ambushing the GM, beating Shane around and smashing him into a car window causing Shane to bleed from his head. Styles was later ‘fired’ by co-gm Daniel Bryan. Shane then makes his way to the ring to challenge Styles at Wrestlemania 33.

Wrestlemania 33

Wrestlemania 33 Poster

Many fans are against this match, stating Styles was buried and he’s not getting the opportunities that he deserves. Let’s go over some debunking facts to show that the company does in fact value the superstar AJ Styles. First off, Styles did not go to NXT, WWE is smart enough to know that AJ Styles is a franchise name and he deserves to go straight to the main show, no tryouts, no training none of that. Styles debuted as the 3rd entrant at the 2016 Royal Rumble establishing the fact that Styles is a headline talent. Not only did WWE allow Styles to move into the ranks of the rest of the star-studded roster, they gave him the push to hold the illustrious WWE World Heavyweight championship.

AJ Styles Debut at Royal Rumble 2016

At Wrestlemania 32 we were treated to a Hell in a Cell match with Shane McMahon vs the Undertaker. In a surprising result, Shane vs. Taker definitely put on a show, resembling that of an old school ECW/ Hardcore match, Shane and Taker took the match beyond the confines of the Hell in a Cell. As the stadium filled with “Shan-O-Mac” and “This is Awesome” chants, Shane took a huge dive off the top of the cell onto the announcer’s table, gaining the fan’s respect. Shane, still taking some of his famous bumps, is widely forgotten for his in-ring performances such as his King of the Ring performance, where he was heavily injured after being thrown into a glass wall, which did not break. An injured Shane McMahon then demanded his opponent, Kurt Angle to do it again. As the second throw was successful, Shane went flying through the glass wall. Back to Wrestlemania 32, Shane, barely able to sit up, mocks Taker asking him for more, Undertaker grabs Shane and hits him with a Tombstone Piledriver to end the match.

Undertaker vs Shane at Wrestlemania 32

Now I don’t know about you but I have always been a fan of Shane McMahons performances, I remember when Shane hit his father Vince McMahon with a Coast to Coast move where he jumped from one side of the ring’s ropes to the opposite side corner to drop kick a trash can that was laying on his father. Shane has had some of the best matches the WWE has had to offer and people tend to forget this as Shane is not a wrestler. Shane has worked with a lot of the WWE’s poster boys and setting him up to work with Styles at Wrestlemania is indicating that the WWE does, in fact, have big things in store for Styles, including sending him to RAW, and giving him a shot at the new WWE Universal title. With just 3 champions in the history of the Universal title, being Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, and the newly crowned Goldberg, AJ without a doubt will be added to the list of champions furthering the prestige of the new title.

Shane McMahon Coast to Coast

After Styles and Shane clash at Wrestlemania 33 it is speculated that Styles will be sent to RAW. The thought of the reunited Bullet Club has to excite the fans. Does this mean WWE is finally going to push the Club into a higher existence in the WWE universe? They have to understand that this is the most notorious wrestling stable existing today and that they are the only company to not capitalize on the opportunity. Though we shouldn’t get our hopes up as we all know how much pride the WWE holds regarding any creative ideas that were not created in-house.

Bullet Club on RAW

Besides the chance of having the Club back together, bringing Styles is definitely going to shake up the matchups. Assuming Brock or Goldberg stay with the company, does that mean Styles will be feuding with the powerhouses? Would the WWE even allow Styles to be pushed over their golden boys? I would certainly hope so, this will show that the WWE has definitely evolved when it comes to what talent will be representing the company. As we all know the typical big bad buff man is usually the face of the company. We can also be treated to a feud with many of RAW’s talents, including Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Kevin Owens and many more talented wrestlers.

Should the WWE pull the trigger on the trade? Will Smackdown LIVE struggle without Styles main eventing their PPVs? What other potential match ups can we see if Styles is to be traded to RAW? Let us know your opinions! Share the article via Facebook or Twitter, Comment your opinion and Subscribe to PCPB for all the latest pop culture news.


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