We Interview Younge At Heart Contributor Cleopatria Peterson


I thought it would be nice to get to know some of the creators behind The Toronto Comics Anthology  4th volume Younge At Heart.

Cleopatria Peterson is the artist on the short story Caddy: An initiation hazing ritual sees two friends attempt to steal a local landmark. But nothing is ever as easy as it seems…” Caddy is written by Jeff Estrella. 

We asked Cleopatria about her start in comics, Toronto and more.



How did you get into comics and creating them?

I read a lot of manga growing up, so that was a giant influence. It just kind of happened. Creating comics was a pretty recent development for me.  I took the continuing studies comic class at OCAD (Ontario College of Art and Design), and it helped me get a better idea of how to compose a comic and I kind of just went from there. I’m just really interested in narratives and telling stories, and I really wanted to work with a medium that allowed me to use visuals to do that because I’m not confident enough in my writing skills.


What specifically about Toronto inspired your story for the Younge At Heart Anthology

I lived in Scarborough, so I was always commuting downtown. I took the 16 McCowan, so I was always driving past Caddy’s and I just kind of had a thought about what if someone tried to steal that Cadillac and I thought about some sort of coming of age story involved with that.  I also wanted to try to get Scarborough included into the geography of the anthology because it’s a part of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), It’s where I lived, and I didn’t think anyone was going to do a story with the area.


What were your biggest Challenges getting your story ready for submission?

I didn’t really have a challenge I just wasn’t sure if I was going to write it myself. Luckily I just told Jeff Estrella what I had been thinking about for a pitch, and he agreed on writing it. I guess the biggest challenge was we figured this out less than 24 hours before the deadline haha.


How was the submission process?

Super easy. I’d already worked on the third volume of the anthology with Corey Reid’s story Buried, Not Forgotten, so I guess that streamlined the process. The best part of this anthology is they’re super organised, and on top of their game, so they’re very efficient and easy to work with. The best class of people you could ask for.


The goal of any comic book creator is to get published. What do you hope having your story published in Younge at Heart will do for your future submissions at other publishers?

I guess help me get accepted haha, it’s certainly impressive for one’s portfolio. I just want to be able to tell stories that have a diverse narrative and hopefully get paid for telling those stories.


What is the comic book community like in Toronto?

Really big and supportive. I’m really impressed by it, and everyone is really nice. I’m currently not in Toronto, so I can’t really participate in it which sucks.


Do you plan on submitting to the next Anthology?

I’d like to if time permits it!


Any projects you are working that you can talk about?

I’m on a creative break at the moment which sucks, but I’m in the middle of moving back to Toronto and probably going back to school. I have a story in another anthology that should be out soon, though.

The Kickstarter for Younge At Heart is currently going on now. You can check out all of the reward tiers and info here.

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