We Interview Timothy Edwin Bryant of Crowntaker

Timothy Edwin Bryant

Surprise! Yes, the comic book guy is changing it up and doing a music-based interview.

Shortly after I joined PCPB, I saw an increase in Twitter followers and every now, and then I get a friend request on Facebook from people I don’t know. Which is how I met Timothy Edwin Bryant. Usually, I will accept a request if they have mutual friends and the very rare time I take a chance as long as their profile looks legit. So I introduced myself to Tim, and he was like “what can I do for you?” I, of course, was slightly confused made mention of him adding me. He said he probably friended me because he thought I would like metal. I told him he was 100% correct on that assumption! He then shared with me music from a band he plays drums in called Crowntaker, it was a solid single (which is at the top of the article) and now here we are about to get into the interview.

Unfortunately, Crowntakers lead singer left the band while I was conducting this interview. The band’s Facebook page released an official statement about the situation. They are now looking for a new singer.


How did you guys come together to form Crowntaker?

Well, in summer of 2015 I started seeking for other members for the project. I had gone through a couple of groups of guys before I landed the guys I have now. I met Zak and Daniel the same time with our first vocalist Matt. Yeah, we will just call him Matt. Lol Anyhow, the first night we jammed we wrote our song Reconcile. We knew then that we had something good, so we continued a few months writing. Soon after we met Marco Velasquez , and he was an instant fit on bass. We continued awhile until we decided to part from Matt. We found another vocalist ( Steven) that lasted another few months just to leave high and dry. After everything, I decided to make big changes in my approach and realised exactly what we as a band needed in a vocalist. Once again I began my search and wouldn’t you know it I found Anthony. He had just posted an audition for a Sumerian records tryout song. I heard it, and I was utterly changed by it. I ask Anthony if he would even consider it thinking we weren’t shit. Lol Turned out after showing him our 15sec teaser he was in like flint! Confliction was written soon after Marco Velasquez joined. Along with a few other songs.

Metal has formed many subcategories over the years did you consciously say we’re going to be this particular type of metal or did you try to aim for something completely different?

We definitely wanted to be as heavy as it gets but also reach the other spectrums of “beautiful” too. I have always pushed for THE HEAVY AND GROOVY. But honestly, we just try to write quality music no matter the genre. We just want to give yall something to bounce to. We look for quality and groove while utilising the idea of simple stupid in its most creative degree.


Daniel Olmedo & Zak Howe

You guys are from the  Dallas Fort Worth Texas area, which is home to some of the biggest types musical talents in the music business. How is the metal scene there currently?
Friggin awesome. We have show’s here on the nightly. Any genre any night. You can find something here. Aaaaaaaand you also got those darn cover bands kicking so much ass. If they weren’t so darn good at what they do, I’d have to talk trash, but at the moment I have no complaints. I love the scene here! The scene here is accompanied by some of the nicest people you can find. Have you ever heard of “Southern hospitality “? Well, it’s a real thing. I’m proud to be from Texas and a part of all the talent that’s here in the DFW area.
Do you guys have a favourite venue to play at or are they all pretty good?
We would say any venue you can play here will be an entertaining one for sure.
 Does the band have a particular message that it wants to express in it music or is it all about headbanging and having a good time?
I think we want to lift people up instead of enabling their own destructive patterns. Maybe give a little hope to their lives.
What musicians or bands influenced you guys the most?
Old school bands: Slayer, Lamb of God, Cannibal Corpse, Motorhead, Lemmy, Primus, Les Claypool, MudVeyne, Fu Manchu, Nirvana, Queens of The Stone Age, FAILURE REFUSED, Sepultura and SNOT.
Modern Metal Bands: As I Lay Dying, Parkway Drive, Volumes Elegest, The Ghost Inside, After The Burial ,Norma Jean ,Legend, August Burns Red ,NEBERU, The Acacia, Strain, ERRA, Ghost Iris, Traitors Wage War ,Buried In Verona, Rage Against The Machine, Omega Virus, Your Memorial, VANNA Oh, Sleeper, I The Breather, ARCHITECTS and Structures.
LOCAL BANDS: Mona Borland, I Welcome Judgment, In Cycles In Circles, Navajo, Drown The Kingdom, Earthgazer, The Human Experiment, and Stranger Dimensions.
What are your goals and plans for 2017?
Getting our music out to the masses and shows are #1, so maybe a media company or label could be a possibility. Priorities first tho. Finish the album play shows sell merch. All any band could want. Momentum and progress We have established all our social media on platforms such as Spotify, Itunes, Amazon, Google Play, Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. Our site crowntaker.com will also be up in a few weeks or so. Honestly, I could go on for days on plans and preparations I’ve made and will be making for the band’s future. 2017 will be the busiest year yet!

You can find Crowntaker via the following links:

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