We (FINALLY) Review The Expanse SN02 EP07 – “The Seventh Man”

Yup…I’m a jerk. I totally left you hanging after Episode 6. Not only did I leave you hanging…but I left you hanging on a cliffhanger! If you recall, the last thing was Bobbie Draper seeing the Protomolecule Alien staring down at her.

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Bobbie Draper Wakes Up

We pick up from where Episode 6 ended. Draper (Frankie Adams) has just woken up to see the Alien. As help arrives, she passes out again…

Later, she comes to on the MCRN Scirroco, a Martian Navy cruiser. She’s badly wounded. While the medics work on her, she’s informed of the fate of her team. She tries to recall what happened. Throughout the scenes of Draper being questioned you can tell she’s hurt badly, but toughing it out in her character’s typical style.

I want to make note here that the makeup artists did a great job on making her look wounded. If any of them came from Face-Off then SyFy needs to sign them to contracts before some other studio does.

Throughout her recovery stay on the MCRN Scirroco Draper’s superiors are hinting to her that they need her to spin the story a certain way, but she’s not comfortable with what they want her to do.

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She’s eventually questioned by someone who says he’s an old acquaintance of her father. Because of this, Draper opens up to him.

Afterward, she’s awarded a medal for her bravery, but it comes at a cost. She’s also ordered to accompany a group of Mars representatives to Earth to tell her story to the U.N. They’re hoping to avoid any more conflict and they think her story will help.

Just a Quick Check-in with Earth

Avarasala (Shohreh Aghdashloo) receives news of the battle on Ganymede. Because Earth and Mars forces were involved, things between the two planets immediately begin to deteriorate. Relations drop to their lowest point in The Expanse tv series so far.

All the Action Happens on Tycho In This Episode

The station on the Jupiter’s Moon, Ganymede, was badly damaged during the battle. Ships transport refugees to Tycho. With the refugees, other’s also begin arriving on Tycho. The OPA and it’s leader, Anderson Dawes (Jared Harris).

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The arrival of Dawes and the OPA means Fred Johnson (Chad L. Coleman) and Holden (Steven Strait) will have to keep them under control. In a tense scene highlighting the excellent writing on the undertones of the series, Johnson and Dawes debate what the OPA, the Belters, and the citizens of Tycho station should do about the events on Ganymede.

Just as things are on the edge of coming to blows, Holden steps in and gets the two sides to compromise…for now.

Things seem to settle down, but Dawes, in typical fashion, begins to go behind everyone to work on his own agenda. He’s scheming to get hold of the missiles that Johnson still has.

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Sensing that Dawes is going to do something crazy, Holden decides to ensure the safety of Dr. Cortazar, the lone scientist left who has worked on the protomolecule. But as he gets to Cortazar’s quarters, he’s gone. It seems Dawes has taken him and is leaving the station. In a desperate attempt to stop Dawes, Johnson locks the station down…but it’s too late.

Oh MAN! Things are getting tense! This was a slow episode right up until the end when Dawes causes all kinds of chaos! The writer’s are still doing the pacing of the show right and it’s keeping us on our toes and totally intrigued (meaning we’re really hooked!). Can’t wait for the next episode!

Let us know your thoughts on the episode, the series, or anything about the show you want to add!

The Good
  • Great tension building episode
  • Draper's character arc is getting exciting
The Bad
  • not much action
3.5 Good

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