We (finally) Review Iron Fist: The Entire Series

As y'all know, I'm one of the Editors for the Film & TV section of PCPB. Since this particular show falls under the category of both TV and Comics, I've enlisted the help of Matt Shaw, the Head Comics Editor, and a few outside comic experts.

I’m not going to beat around the bush: So far, none of us are fans of Iron Fist.

Don’t get me wrong there are some interesting parts and even some “Oh Sh**!” moments. But for someone like me, who knows nothing about Iron Fist or his universe…I’d be hard pressed to say I’ll be watching Season 2.

In my expert TV watcher/TV Judge-r (a position I’ve appointed myself to) opinion, they rushed this one out.

  • The main star was the wrong choice, and there are some parts where the acting is bad.
  • The fight scenes were edited badly.
  • The script is lacking and the story line is a bit…annoying.

I’d like to go into detail to back up my reasons for giving the show a “thumbs down” at this point, but I have a thing about Spoilers. Ideally, you’ll take my review and still go watch the show for yourself.

Finn Jones Wasn’t the Right Choice.

The whole race controversy aside, all of us agree on this one. He didn’t pull the character off. At no point in time did I feel as if he could kick some a**. In fact, I found myself Tweeting that Daredevil could kick Iron Fist’s…you know.

Lewis Tan vs. Finn Jones

Our outside comic buddy pointed out the fact that this is the Iron Fist/Danny Rand origin story and the character would change. We sure hope so.

It doesn’t seem Jones was able to provide the charisma that the main actor in a hero movie needs. He comes across as whiny; lamenting his circumstances through most of the show.

Personally, I feel the best acting was done by Tom Pelphrey who plays Danny Rand’s childhood friend and grownup rival, Ward Meachum. By the end of the first episode, I was hating that character, so you know Pelphrey was playing the a**hole part perfectly.

The fight scenes are…BORING. Yeah…I said it!

After watching Daredevil, I’ve come to expect some bone crushing, un-apologetically graphic fighting. The kind where you have to have a really good “suspension of disbelief” to enjoy.

Iron Fist seems to tone down the violence…and that doesn’t help the series at all.

For some reason it appears the film is slowed down a bit when punches or kicks land, perhaps to emphasize the power of the Iron Fist. But it comes across as bad fight choreography, bad athleticism, and bad acting.

It’s almost like Finn Jones was reluctant to get hurt or go all out for the series.

The script isn’t as strong as it could be.

I’ll be brief on this one (remember, NO SPOILERS). Let’s just say that if you’re really paying attention, you’ll figure things out quickly.

But there were some good things about Iron Fist, too.

From a longtime Iron Fist fan’s point of view:

“They got everything right in the show. They were able to capture his backstory and captured the transitions from his parents dying to the transition back to going home.

The acting was OK. They did the story from the comics right. There were enough Easter Eggs to keep hardcore fans interested. The actor himself wasn’t a good choice for the role.”

As you can see, it’s possible they actually did a good job and all the negativity you’re seeing is from people  who really don’t understand the character.

So…tell us what you think about Iron Fist and what should happen next.

In hindsight, maybe they should have rocked the boat and cast Lewis Tan or another Asian actor as Danny Rand. I think shaking things up or rocking the boat is exactly what this series needed. As far as Netflix/Marvel series go…this one was simply just space filler.

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The Good
  • Easter Eggs for hardcore Iron Fist fans
  • Hardcore fans say the story was done justice
The Bad
  • Wrong choice for Lead Actor
  • Bad fight scenes
  • Script was lacking
2 Poor

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