We Breakdown the Angel & Demon Character’s of Lucifer

With God due to make his appearance on Lucifer in the not so distance future I thought is would be a good time to take a look at Lucifers angel’s and demon character break down. We will kick it off with the big man himself Lucifer Morningstar.

Lucifer - Tom Ellis

CR: Brendan Meadows/FOX

Lucifer Morningstar

Species: Angel (Fallen)

Relatives: God (Father), Charlotte (Mother), Amenideal (Older Brother), Azrael (Sister), Uriel (Younger Brother), Angels

Powers and Abilities


Angelic Physiology: As an angel, Lucifer is very powerful and are slightly greater that of a fully-powered Amenadiel, and they far exceed Uriel’s powers.

Supernatural Strenght: Lucifer is capable of displaying superhuman physical Strength when he so desires, notably to send a large man flying 30 feet through a glass wall with a mere push.

Supernatural Durability: Lucifer can survive having immense amounts of physical damage inflicted upon him, and suffer little to no injuries or even pain in the process. Thus, his body is capable of withstanding numerous point blank gunshots, without being hurt.

Supernatural Metabolism: Lucifer is capable of drinking immense amounts of alcohol without becoming completely drunk, but alcohol does seem to affect him on some level

Supernatural Reflexes: Lucifer possesses great reflexes

Desire Exhibition: Lucifer’s mere presence lowers the inhibitions of everyone around him, inducing them to reveal their true nature, their darkest secrets and desires, such as when he notably has a cop to confess his desire to be free of the law. This allows Lucifer to make Faustian deals with various people in exchange for favours.

Temptation Inducement: Lucifer, being highly sexual, can quickly make himself carnally irresistible to most human woman (and men)

Chronokinesis: Lucifer can remain active in slowed down timestream

Shape-Shifting: Lucifer is capable of altering his true angelic appearance, between his two forms, making himself look like either a dashingly handsome young human male or a fearsome demon with red skin and blazing red eyes.

Immortality: (except when near Chloe Decker): As an angel, Lucifer cannot be killed. However, his immortality is temporarily inhibited in the vicinity of Chloe Decker

Nigh-Omniscience: Lucifer possesses an almost infinite amount of knowledge, and is remarkably well-spoken and sophisticated, while also familiar with modern slang, as a result.

Omnilingualism: Lucifer claims to have the ability to speak all human languages.


Master Of Manipulation/Deception: One of Lucifer’s most well-known traits is using his knowledge of people to make them do things in his best interests.

Detective: Lucifer has become a skilled detective.

Combatant: Lucifer is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant.

Escapism: Lucifer can get out of handcuffs, escape locked cars, and get into places.


Chloe Decker: Possible due to Chloe’s parents being blessed by Amenadiel on God’s orders, Chloe is insensitive to Lucifer’s power and charm. She is also able to render Lucifer powerless and defenceless against all means of harming, as seen when he bled after cutting himself in her vicinity.

Demonic Blades Forged in Hell: While it is most likely not possible to kill him with demon weapons, Lucifer did confirm that they can “prick” him.

Other Angels: Amenadiel was able to harm Lucifer physically.

God: As mentioned by Lucifer’s mother, God is capable of destroying him.

Lauren German

CR: Brendan Meadows/FOX

Chloe Decker

Species: Human (Miracle)

Relatives: Trixie Espinosa (Daughter), Dan Espinosa (Ex-Husband), Penelope Decker (Mother), John Decker (Father).

Powers and Abilities


Immunity to Persuasion: Chloe is immune to Lucifer‘s powers of persuasion when they are used towards her.

Rendering Lucifer vulnerable: Whenever Lucifer is in Chloe’s vicinity, his immortality is suppressed, and he becomes physically weak.


Marksmanship: Chloe has an excellent aim with a gun.

Combatant: Chloe is trained in self-defense. She knows how to kicks some arse.


Lucifer Morningstar

D.B. Woodside

CR: Brendan Meadows/FOX


Species: Angel (Fallen)

Relatives:  God (Father), Charlotte (Mother), Lucifer (Younger Brother), Azrael (Sister), Uriel (Younger Brother), Angels

Powers and Abilities


Angel Physiology: Amenadiel has superhuman strength and reflexes, immortality, flight, shapeshifting (being able to hide his wings). However, even though he is the eldest angel, he was weaker than Lucifer

Chronokinesis (weakened): Amenadiel can slow down time when he converses with his brother Lucifer, able to thus keep his presence on Earth invisible to humans and move through crowds of them undetected. Lucifer implied that he could travel through time. He has also demonstrated using his ability to make objects fall in slow motion. For unknown reasons, his skills over time had begun to wane. As he soon began only to be able to keep time slowed for a few moments, not for as long as he wanted, this caused his abilities to suddenly wear off without his control, notably revealing himself to the people at Chloe’s precinct as having sneaked into her office. Also while trying to keep a handful of rocks suspended in mid-air with his time abilities, they suddenly fell to the floor without his control.

Resurrection: When a dying Malcolm was taken off the machine, Amenadiel brought him back to life.


Expert Combatant: Amenadiel is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant, able to swiftly gain the upper hand against the demon Maze in a duel, even mocking her.


Demonic Weapons Forged in Hell: Demon weapons can cause fatal injury to an angel.

Lesley-Ann Brandt

CR: Brendan Meadows/FOX


Species: Demon

Powers and Abilities


Demon Physiology/Vast Power: As a demon, Mazikeen is far superior to a human, having augmented supernatural power.

Immortality: As a demon, Mazikeen cannot be killed by ordinary means. She has lived for millennia or possibly longer.

Superhuman Strength: Mazikeen possesses far superior strength to a human being, though inferior to that of an angel, like Amenadiel.

Superhuman Speed: Mazikeen can move far faster than a human being.

Telekinesis: Mazikeen was able to summon her knife to fight Amenadiel

Chronokinesis: Much like Lucifer, Mazikeen can remain active in slowed down time when in the presence of Amenadiel.


Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Mazikeen has shown great, unarmed fighting skill. While she was defeated, she was capable of fighting Uriel on equal terms for some time.

Expert Knife Combatant: Mazikeen had also shown great fighting skill with demon knives when she fought Amenadiel, though she was still ultimately unable to defeat the angel. She was also capable of holding her own against Uriel for some time before she was deprived of her knives.

Persuasion: o a small degree, Mazikeen can convince people to make a decision that they think is their own.

Tricia Helfer

CR: Brendan Meadows/FOX

Charlotte Richards

Species: Celestial Being

Relatives: God (Husband), Amenadiel (Son), Lucifer (Son), Azrael (Daughter), Uriel (Son), Angels (Children)

Powers and Abilities

Immortality: Charlotte has been stated to be eternal.

Superhuman Strength: During a brief struggle with a robber, she instinctively pushes him, sending him flying across a parking lot and into the wall, which kills him.

Cosmic Awareness: Being the Mother of Angels and God’s former wife, Mom possesses nearly infinite knowledge. However, she is not aware of events happening outside of her human horizon.

Vessel Possession: Mom has to use a human vessel to interact with beings on Earth. She can possess bodies of recently deceased people and use each vessel until it dies again.

Healing Factor: Mum can heal her vessel’s body when she enters it. However, her power is limited, and she is unable to recover her vessel afterwards.

Former powers

Nigh-Omnipotence: Collectively with God, she created the Universe. Originally, she was powerful enough to kill God. Rumours say she caused plagues and floods on Earth. However, her powers have seemingly been significantly reduced after she was banished to Hell. According to her, she is no longer the Goddess of All Creation.

Nigh-Omniscience: Originally, Mom was able to perceive events happening anywhere throughout the universe, in Heaven or Hell. Despite her powers not being at their peak, she was able to gain an excellent understanding of human law enforcement after reading some books on the subjects for only a few days.


Physical attacks to her host: Physical injuries can harm and kill Mom’s host on Earth.

God: God was the one who cast her out and imprisoned her in Hell.

Azrael’s blade: Were she to be stabbed with Azrael’s blade while she is weakened and in her human vessel, her essence would be completely eradicated from existence.



Species: Celestial Being

Relatives: Charlotte (Ex-Wife), Amenadiel (Son), Lucifer (Son), Azriel (Daughter), Uriel (Son) Angels (Children)


Nigh-Omnipotence: God is nearly infinite and unrivalled, except by his former wife, Charlotte. He is one of the only two known gods.

Nigh-Omniscience: God also possesses nearly an infinite amount of knowledge.

Immortality: God can live for all eternity. However, it is possible for him to be killed.


Mum: As a fellow God, Charlotte had similar powers to God before she was severely weakened. According to Uriel, if Mom regains her former powers, she would be able to kill God.


So far not a lot of information on God but that will change once Lucifer and the brilliant cast are back on deck in May, if it weren’t for Bates Motel, Monday nights would be very lonely, well TV show wise anyway. Looking forward to Lucifer’s return in May. Huge shout out to the Lucifer Wiki page, the guys do an excellent job! It’s also where I get all my info from, Head over and check them out, links at the bottom of the page.




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