Was WWE Superstar Roman Reigns ‘Suspension’ A Work?



Let’s face it, everyone loves to chip in with their thoughts on WWE. We all do it, we plot returns, turns and swerves and debate the latest episodes, then say ‘I told you!’ if you get it right or moan and threaten to switch off if they get it wrong.

WWE wants us to think they are in a ‘new era’,  gradually the shows are getting more edgy with the lunatic Dean Ambrose as WWE champ, you can hardly call it, the PG-era still can you?

That’s why the recent news about Roman Reigns, drug suspension shocked me. Reigns was Vinnie Mac’s poster boy of the ‘new era’, he liked to remind us by saying

Drug suspensions  within the WWE are usually like a sidenote to its shady reality and past they  hoped to forget. Normally when a ‘superstar’ is suspended they post an article on WWE.COM with the wrestlers name and reason why they won’t be seen  on programming for a while.

I remember the Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio saga a few years back. Half of the roster were suspended for using banned substances, don’t believe me look it up.

Maybe it’s because he was champ and the company wanted to punish him publicly. With him returning just in time for the next WWE pay per view. Conspiracy theorist got thinking and so did I!

So I ask you to think is the Roman Reigns drug suspension actually a work? Consider this?

Wrestlers returning normally from a ‘break’ more often than not get a massive boost if they’re a face or heat magnet. Either way all eyes are gunna be waiting for his return. An example of this is the Triple H Royal Rumble return.

Roman was getting stale and stagnant. The crowd was starting to boo him regardless. Returning after a  holiday oops I mean ‘suspension’ would give us a break from Boo-man before he got X-Pac heat. No one want’s X-pac heat SERIOUSLY!

You gotta remember Vinnie Mac is crazy plot wise, I remember the Mae Young hand scenario. If you’re too young to remember this, let me explain, Mae Young (RIP) was one of the greatest and back in the day best female wrestlers in her first run. Flash forward to the ‘Attitude Era‘ and she has sexual relations with ‘Sexual Chocolate’ Mark Henry and they gave birth to a hand. Yes a hand, don’t believe me? Check it out below!

Then you got The Rock and the money WWE invested in him. WWE has spent loads on Roman and how will they recoup it? Plus you gotta be careful you don’t piss off arguably your biggest star since Hulk Hogan!

If I was Vinnie Mac I’d punish him MVP style, make him go on a massive losing steak to see how he rebounds. If he’s the star they think he is,he’ll recover. If not it’s setting an example to fans not to do drugs. To quote Roman again.

After all WWE are idiots if they push a champ so quick after being banned. Then you got Titus O’Neil, another floundering star who got suspended for man handling I mean touching Vinnie’s arm. Really Vinnie you made Droz puke at will.

Then Titus returns BOOM instant US title shot push. Either Vinnie realised he over reacted or gave Titus s sabbatical to recharge, refresh and gain momentum on his return.

You can see how I  came up with this crazy theory. Seriously if it’s legit Vinnie is a douche or creative genius but then again wasn’t he both already?

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